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"Arrangements have been made for leaders of
the Ras Tafarian movement and of Afro-
Jamaican societies in Jamaica to be given an
opportunity of meeting the Emperor while He is
in Jamaica, and special invitations are being
allocated to members of these associations to
attend State functions at which the Emperor
will be present." (Source: Jamaica Gleaner, April
13 1966, pg. 4)

Source: Mosiyah Tafari ~ FB post ~ 17 Apr 2020
Emperor Haile Selassie I State Visit in Trinidad, W.I.
Emperor Haile Selassie I State Visit in Jamaica W.I. as part of his trip to Caribbean region (video)
Addresses House Of Parliament In Jamaica
Apr. 21, 1966
Monument for Haile Selassie High School... to
commemorate the legacy, granted by His Imperial
Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I on his visit to
Jamaica in 1966... Unveiled by H. R. H. Prince  Ermias
S. Selassie on his visit in April 2016.
25th Anniversary Of Liberation - May 05, 1966 (Chapter_IV)
Speech At Air Force Display ` May 08,1966 (Chapter_XIV)
Opening of U.N.I.C.E.F. Conference - May 17, 1966 (Chapter_V)
Haile Selassie I University - 5th Graduation Exercises - Jun. 30, 1966 (Chapter_I-Part_1)
Speech To O.A.U. on Rhodesia - Jul. 07, 1966 (Chapter_III)
U.N. Committee On Independence For Colonial Countries - Jul. 07, 1966 (Chapter_III)
Press Conference: 74th Birthday - Jul. 30,1966 (Chapter_XVIII)
Banquet In Honor Of President Charles De Gaulle - Aug. 27, 1966 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
Press Conference On Djibouti - Sep. 16, 1966 (Chapter_XVIII)
Sheet Metal Plant - Inauguration - Oct. 01, 1966 (Chapter_X)
Speech To International Conference On Africa And The World - Oct. 03, 1966 (Chapter_XV)

As Jesus Christ has said: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of
them." lt is therefore Our expressed hope that these words will be realized in their full significance in this
great assembly.

We are happy to be present in this famous City of Berlin where Christian leaders are assembled to consider
ways and means of spreading Our Christian Faith in the world. We thank Mr. Billy Graham for inviting Us to
address this meeting. The propagation of the Christian Faith among nations has become a task of paramount
importance in this age as is evidenced by this great assembly of Christian leaders.

As you all know, it is centuries past since Our country, Ethiopia, accepted the Gospel of Christ. We learn from
the Holy Scriptures that the first Ethiopian who confessed faith in Jesus Christ was baptised only a few
months after the death and resurrection of Our Lord. From then on Christianity spread steadily among the
Ethiopian people and became the religion of the Ethiopians in the Fourth Century. It is a matter of pride for
Us, a special cause for thankfulness to Almighty God, when We recall that the Christian Faith was introduced
to Our people by the Imperial Court and through the instrumentality of the then reigning Monarch.

Ethiopian history testifies that our ancestors, who rose after the first Christian Emperors, were men and
women who had great zeal and keenness for the Faith of Christ and who did all in their power for its
propagation among our people. Many among them, like Emperor Caleb who lived in the Fifth Century and
Emperor Lalibela and his immediate successors who lived in the Twelfth Century, have been canonized.

When the countries of the Middle East, North East Africa and Asia Minor, where the Gospel was preached by
the Apostles, were over run by and succumbed under a power opposed to the Christian Faith, the sovereigns
and people of Ethiopia, firm in their deep love for the Faith of Christ and supplemented by the nature of their
native land, put up great struggles to preserve Ethiopia as an island of Christianity. Deep is Our thankfulness
to our God for this grace. Numerous are our ancestors, who throughout the centuries consecrated and
sacrificed their lives on the battlefield that Ethiopia might survive strong in her Christian Faith.

When, after all these worthy predecessors, We assumed the leadership of Our people half a century ago, We
became acutely aware of the magnitude of the sacred trust and responsibility vouchsafed to Us to work for
the glory of God and the continued and lasting welfare of Our people. During the past 50 years not only did
We labour that Our people may lead a better life while on this earth but We also did not spare Our energy
and treasure to develop their spiritual heritage, the value of which no human mind can assess.

We have laboured that the Holy Scriptures and the books left to Us by the Church Fathers be multiplied by
means of modern printing techniques and be distributed to all not only in our modern language, but also in
Geez, our ancient language. Our Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which was cut off for centuries from her fellow
Christian Churches, has joined the World Council of Churches and co-operates in the task of strengthening
the Faith and bringing about Church unity. We have helped and will continue to help the missionaries who
are sent from other lands to preach Gospel to those of Our people who have not come to the knowledge of
God's saving grace. As the unity of the Church is of great concern to Us and, God willing, being hopeful that
this sacred objective might be achieved in our day and age, We were happy to have convened two years ago a
meeting of the Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in Our Capital City of Addis Ababa to deliberate on
ways and means of bringing about harmony and unity in the Church.

We refer to all these only to indicate that this age above all ages is a period in history when it should be our
prime duty to preach the Gospel of Grace to all our fellow men and women. The love shown in Christ by our
God to mankind should constrain all of us who are followers and disciples of Christ to do all in our power to
see to it that the Message of Salvation is carried to those of our fellows for whom Christ Our Saviour was
sacrificed but who have not had the benefit of hearing the good news.

Since nobody can interfere in the realm of God we should tolerate and live side by side with those of other
faiths. However, if the threat is posed we shall not fail to resist with courage any such incursions. We wish to
recall here the spirit of tolerance shown by Our Lord Jesus Christ when He gave forgiveness to all including
those that crucified Him.

In these modern days, there are a multitude of things published in print and broadcast by radio which
captivate the human mind and spirit; many new ideas are disseminated by the learned. Many wonderful
appliances are produced to make life more and more comfortable. The rich powers have passed on from
exploring and exploiting this earth and are vying with each other to explore and conquer the moon and the
planets. Knowledge is increasing in a bewildering manner. All this is good, wonderful and praiseworthy. But
what will be the end of it all? It is Our firm belief that only what the Lord wills will be done. We should be
careful that the results thus achieved by mankind should not meet with the fate of the Tower of Babel, the
handwork of those people of old which came to pieces in their hands. The Apostle Paul says: "The wisdom of
this world is foolishness with God" and "The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise and they are vain." The
reason for this is because generally speaking man makes himself and his wisdom the beginning and the end
of his aim in life, and we are convinced that the end of this is destruction and death.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says: "What has a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"
Why did the effort of those who tried to build the Tower of Babel come to nothing? Was it not because they
tried to live apart from their Creator, and because, vaunting themselves in their wisdom, they tried to build a
tower whose top was to reach unto heaven and thus make a name for themselves? It is Our conviction that all
the activities of the children of men which are not guided by the Spirit and counsel of God will bear no lasting
fruit, they will not be acceptable in the sight of the Lord and will therefore come to nought as the Tower of
Babel came to nought.

It is for this reason that the Church of Christ, and especially Christian leaders, have such an enormous
responsibility. However wise or however mighty a person may be, he is like a ship without a rudder if he is
without God. A rudderless ship is at the mercy of the waves and the wind, drifts wherever they take it and if
there arises a whirlwind it is smashed against the rocks and becomes as if it has never existed. It is our firm
belief that a soul without Christ is bound to meet with no better fate.

Therefore 0! Christians, let us arise and, with the spiritual zeal and earnestness which characterized the
Apostles and early Christians, let us labour to lead our brothers and sisters to Our Saviour Jesus, Who only
can give life in its fullest sense.

Source:  Wengy Ntalawe FB Post ~ 21 January at 06:58
Ethiopia's World Position - Nov.2, 1966 (Chapter_II-Part_1)
Speech On Strengthening The Nation's Polictical Fabric - Nov. 2, 1966 (Chapter VI)
State Of The Nations's Economy - Nov. 2, 1966  (Chapter IX)
Opening 3rd Session Of The Summit - Nov. 06, 1966 (Chapter_III)
Banquet In Honor of President Novotny - Nov. 15, 1966 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
Banquet In Honor Of President Chivu Stocia - Dec. 06, 1966 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
Opening of Awash II - Dec. 11, 1966 (Chapter_XIII)
Textile Mill At Mojo - Inauguration - Dec. 24, 1966 (Chapter_X)
    His (Emperor Haile Selassie I) primary motivation – that of raising the standard of living of the Ethiopian
people and restoring the ancient stature and glory of his nation – runs through the theme of the majority of
his public utterances.  In them can be clearly seen the inseparable impulse of his whole career. This
dedication was amply exposed as he spoke to his people and the world in the speeches contained in this
book.  Although an ardent reformer, Emperor Haile Selassie I is no iconoclast.  Thus, he has advanced the
policy of “modern Ethiopianism” a philosophy which he has put into practice from the earliest years of his
public career.  The Emperor, addressing the nation on the 24th Anniversary of Ethiopia’s victory over
aggression, said: Ethiopia is an ancient land and her civilization is the result of the harmonious alchemy of
the past and the present and upon which we confidently build for the future.  This heritage is the bed-rock of
modern Ethiopia.  In it the people have chosen to distill from the past that which is useful and enduring, to
adapt those worth-while attributes of our present-day world and to fashion this modern Ethiopianism – the
foundation of our social order that has served so admirably the purpose of the nation’s steady advance.
An absorbing interest in youth has characterized the Emperor’s entire public career; and is infinitely more
than just a formal, enlightened paternalism.  It is grounded in the fact, so frequently expressed by him, that
his Ethiopia is built around the future.  Emperor Haile Selassie I will go down in history as a leader whose
concern for posterity has been both avid and constant.  He has always kept close to the people and in
particular to the nation’s youth in whom, as the speeches herein illustrate, he places immeasurable faith and

His Imperial Majesty’s constructive influence has been particularly effective in Africa’s political
emancipation.  Recalling the days when Africa was a sea of colonialism to the emergence of the Organization
of African Unity, Haile Selassie I has been both a symbol and a pillar of strength to Africa as its people fought
progressively for their ultimate liberation from colonialism.  Today he still stands four-square behind the
cause of the complete freedom of the continent in which Ethiopia is the oldest sovereign state.  His Imperial
Majesty’s faith in divine providence is a built-in factor in his personal armory. Institutionally, he is “Defender
of the Faith,” and history will most certainly assess his era as the one in which the Ethiopian Church
succeeded in, winning its independence and autonomy after centuries of tutelage under the Alexandrian
Patriachate.  In times, good or bad, the Emperor’s abiding faith in the Almighty seems to have been both
harbinger and fortress, it being rare for him to make any public utterance without calling on divine guidance
and acknowledging publicly his thanks for God’s beneficence.

Menasse Haile

Laying Cornerstone of Ginda Dam - Jan. 18, 1967 (Chapter_XIII)
Speech To Visiting Journalists - Feb. 04, 1967 (Chapter_XVIII)
At The White House - Feb 13, 1967 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
Speech To Council Of Foreign Relations, N.Y. - Feb 17, 1967 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
In The Kremlin, Moscow - Fbe 27, 1967 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
in Canada.
Emperor Haile Selassie I meeting with Dr. V. Raymond Edman (Wheaton College Chancellor) (1)
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I coming
out of St. Mary's church in New Delhi
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I at
funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta, Ga.
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I with
Queen Juliana in Ethiopia
THOU SAYEST - Distinguished Testimonies about the
King of Kings

42 - Mr. Morse, Secretary-General of ILO
(International Labour Organization)

Geneva, 11th of June 1969

"Few statesmen of today have been more involved in
the great events of this century than His Imperial
Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia. No
living world leader knows more intimately the
tragedy that war can bring to his people. The world
remembers his stirring and prophetic words spoken
in this very building in 1936, when he raised his
voice against tyranny and oppression. No one has
struggled more wisely, more persistently, to create
opportunities for international concord and
co-operation. A tirelessworker for the good of his
own people, he nevertheless spares no effort to
further harmonious relations among all the States of
Africa, and indeed to bring to bear his vast wisdom
and experience in the shaping of world events. A man
of history, he is with us today as the ILO celebrates
the turning of a page in its own history, the closing of
one chapter, the beginning of another."

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB ~ 23 October 2020
"Due to religious laws pork, shellfish and web-foot
fowls should not be served." Also, "His Imperial
Majesty does not drink alcoholic beverages." Source:
Emperor Haile Selassie's State Visit to the United
States of America (July 7-12, 1969)

Source: Mosiyah Anbessa ~ FB post ~ 5 Oct 2019
"The American people can make a significant
contribution to guaranteeing that a deep and abiding
friendship exists between Africa and the United
States of America. Learn more about us; learn to
understand our backgrounds, our culture and
traditions, our strengths and weaknesses. Learn to
appreciate our desires and hopes, our problems, our
fears. If we truly know one another, a solid and firm
basis will exist for the maintenance of the friendly
relations between the African and the American
peoples, which - We are convinced - both so ardently
desire. You may be assured that there will be no
failure in the warm and brotherly response from our
side." - Girmawi Qedamawi Haile Selassie (His
Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I)

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot ~ FB post ~ 7 Oct 2019
THOU SAYEST - 9 - U.S. President R.Nixon

July 09, 1969
Your Imperial Majesty:

As you leave the White House I want to thank you for
coming to the United States and for giving us the
opportunity to meet with you again. I thank you first
personally as an old friend and I appreciated the
chance that has been provided to renew our personal

I want to thank you, too, because it provided the
opportunity to discuss the bilateral problems that we
have between our two countries. Certainly those
were easy problems to discuss, easy because our
traditional friendship led to the constructive type of
solutions which we both expected when our
conversations began.

But beyond that, I want to express to you my
appreciation for your coming to this country because
you gave the opportunity for all of us who met you to
see not only the relations between Ethiopia and the
United States in a better light, but to see the
problems of the continent of Africa and of the whole
world from the long perspective of history which you
have and also from the understanding of the whole
world which has always been yours.

Our discussions covered, as you know, the problems
of the new nations of Africa and U.S. policy toward
those nations, the agony of Nigeria and Biafra and
what steps might be taken by this country and steps
that could be taken by you to bring a solution to that
problem, and also the problems of the Mideast which
are so much in our minds as well as in yours.

This type of opportunity that it has provided, for
discussion at the highest level of problems that affect
the future of both of our countries, but beyond that,
the future of a whole continent and the whole world,
is one that made this visit very worthwhile, certainly
from my standpoint and from the standpoint of my
colleagues in government, and I hope from yours and
your colleagues'.

As you leave, I say again, as I said last night, that
perhaps the most appropriate words are the words
from a greeting from your own language which, as I
understand, literally translated to the English means,
"May you live long for our glory."

We all feel that. We feel it in our hearts. May you live
long, live long not just for yourself, not just for your
people, but for the greater service that you can
render to the cause of peace and progress in the
continent of Africa, in the Mideast, and in the whole

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB post ~ 7 Oct 2019
Emperor Haile Selassie I lays a wreath for Martin
Luther King.
Emperor Haile Selassie I, The only Head of State to
lay a wreath at Martin Luther King Jr's grave. This is
an amazing picture brought forth by Tseghe Selassie
Selassie. The Emperor Haile Selassie I shows so
much emotion that I have to draw or paint it.
Afterward He went to Moorehouse University and
spent time with Martin Luther King Sr.

Source: Ras Elijah Tafari ~ FB post ~ 23 Jan 2020
Emperor Haile Selassie I statement on the Lundar

Source: Haile Selassie I ~ FB Post ~ 17 Jul 2019

H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I Opens OAU Session

H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia opens the 10th Organization of African Unity (OAU) conference in
Addis Ababa. On May 25 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the 32 African states that had achieved independence
at that time agreed to establish the Organization of African Unity (OAU). For this Our Emperor is known as
the Father of The African nations.

"We believe that from truth alone is born liberty and
only an educated people can consider itself as really
free and master of its fate." ~ Haile Selassie I
His Majesty's laws are essentially a honor code, they
teach morality and traditional values. All aspects of
society are defined including marriage, business rights,
land ownership and death. The Emperor said, "It is
essential that the law be clear and intelligible to each
and every citizen of Our Empire, so that he may
without difficulty ascertain what are his rights and
duties in the ordinary course of life, and this has been
accomplished in the Civil Code."

Source: Omar Tobijah ~ FB post ~ 1 Oct 2019
Speech On Marshal Tito's Visit - Feb. 09, 1970 (Chapter_II-Part_3)
Emperor Haile Selassie I celebrates forty years as ruler, November 1970
Ethiopia History: 79TH Birthday of Emperor Haile Selassie 1971
Emperor Haile Selassie in China, October 1971

Emperor Haile Selassie addresses the 1st Security
Council meeting in #Africa, the Council's 1st
meetings away from @UN Headquarters in 20
+ years. Addis Ababa, #Ethiopia - Jan. 28 1972.

Source: Haile Selassie I ~ FB Post ~ 28 Jan 2018
Probably the only German documentary about His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of Kings,
Lion of Judah, Elect of Himself and Light of this World, Christ in His Kingly Character.

Source: Dominik Frühwirth
Haile Selassie Dokumentation
(Stern TV 1972, deutsch/german) Teil 1/2
Haile Selassie Dokumentation
(Stern TV 1972, deutsch/german) Teil 2/2
The OAU Conference of Heads of States and Government in Rabat, Morocco -- Emperor Haile Selassie I
was nominated unanimously  to be called the
"Father of African Unity".
Famine in the northern provinces of Welo and Tigre leads to propaganda and civil unrest
Asfaw Wossen named "Acting Crown Prince"
In 1973, Crown Prince Asfa Wossen suffered a
massive stroke and was evacuated to Switzerland for
medical treatment. He was accompanied by his wife
and daughters. The stroke left him permanently
unable to walk, paralyzed on one side, and affected
his speech. As Prince Asfa Wossen was not expected
to live, his son, Prince Zera Yacob, a student at
Oxford at the time, was named "Acting Crown Prince"
and "Heir Presumptive"


Emperor Haile Selassie I privately visiting his son
Crown Prince Asfa Wossen( who would later become
Amha Selassie, Emperor in exile) in Switzerland.

Next to His Majesty: Princess Tenagnework Haile
Selassie (baptismal name Fikirte Mariam of Ethiopia
was the eldest child of Emperor Haile Selassie and
Empress Menen)

Next to Princess Tenagnework Haile Selassie:  
Empress Medferiashwork (Abebe, baptismal name
Amete Maryam, was the titular Empress-consort of
Amha Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia in Exile)

Source: FB Post (Trying to locate FB link)
THOU SAYEST - Distinguished Testimonies about the King of Kings

18 - Pope Paul VI


Saturday, 13 January 1973

Mr Ambassador,

We are happy to welcome you and to receive the Letters of Credence by which His Imperial Majesty Haile
Selassie I accredits you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Holy See.

We thank you for the gracious message of good wishes which you bring on this occasion from the Emperor
and the people of Ethiopia and for the kind words which you have spoken in our regard.

His Imperial Majesty is well known to us: we have met him here in Rome and in Geneva. We know how
eminent he is among the leaders of Africa and how his wise counsel has oftentimes served the cause of peace
on the continent. We are equally aware that in the international forum the Emperor is a dedicated promoter
of the interests and rights of developing nations, and we cherish a sincere regard and esteem for him.

It is hardly necessary for us to speak of our own profound interest in the problems of development. The
efforts of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia, especially in the fields of education and medical care, testify to the
seriousness of that interest and concern. We would express here our gratitude for the benevolence with
which His Imperial Majesty regards the work and institutions of the Catholic Church in his country.

It seems to us only natural that the friendliest of relations should exist between Ethiopia and the Holy See, by
reason of the history of Ethiopia’s Christian tradition. We admire that tradition, stretching as it does into the
distant past and discernible today in the great ancient monasteries that keep silent watch over the heights of
the vast Ethiopian mountains, guarding the secrets of centuries in their contemplation of the Word of God, in
their beautiful liturgy, in their treasures of religious art and manuscripts enriched by the living experience of

We appreciate too the spirit of understanding and ecumenism which this deep religious sense has fostered,
and we look forward to a harvest of mutual friendship and cooperation between your country and the
Apostolic See.

Finally, we pray that God will bless His Imperial Majesty, his family and all the beloved people of Ethiopia
with every gift of prosperity, peace and happiness.

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB post ~ 23 Jan 2020


DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, May 15, 1973, 11:03 a. m. - 12:13 p. m.

PLACE: The Oval Office

[The press entered for photos.]

The President: You have been in this room more than any other Head of State. You were here in 1954. I met
you first in 1957.

[The press left at 11:06.]

The President: The Foreign Minister is the highest paid interpreter we have ever had here. He speaks very
good English.

Selassie : Not very much.

I wish to express my gratitude for your seeing me with your busy schedule. I am grateful for the friendly
reception I have enjoyed in the United States. Friendship between the United States and Ethiopia will be
strengthened by this visit.

Exchange of talks is useful among friends.

I would like you to visit Ethiopia. Ethiopia would like very much to welcome you.

I am here on an urgent matter internationally, affecting the U.S. and Ethiopia and the Indian Ocean and Red
Sea area.

There has been a change in the situation in our area. You are aware of it, but we feel it closer.

The balance of forces has changed radically because Soviet influence is expanding rapidly.

First, our objectives, I am sure, are in common: (1) Peace and security. (2) Freedom of navigation and access
to natural resources. (3) There is the prospect of oil, safeguarded against possibility of enemy takeover.

We are cooperating in these areas and our forces, which you support, have always been used in the cause of

We have common peace and common objectives. Soviet influence is expounding broadly. The reasons are:
(1) To supersede the West in influence. (2) To gain control of the Red Sea and the commerce and resources
of the area. Their methods are to strengthen the Arab states and weaken Ethiopia. Ethiopian cooperation
with the West is not liked by the Arabs and by the Soviet Union.

The danger is a convergence of views of the Arabs and the Soviet Union. A minimum sacrifice on the part of
the U.S. would prevent dangerous developments in the area.

The ELF is being supported.

Somalia has Soviet support for its territorial claims, and the Soviet Union is arming Somalia.

The position of Somalia is that wherever people speak Somalian they belong to Somalia. We respond that
this is a problem for all of Africa as a result of boundaries drawn by the colonial powers. Therefore, African
states have agreed to recognize the existing borders. Somalia is the only one that has not agreed to this
formula. We have offered to provisionally demarcate the boundary under UN auspices. Somalia has refused,
and is being armed to a dangerous extent. They have air bases, naval bases, and communication bases.

South Yemen has declared the Straits are Yemini territorial waters.

Somalia has claimed Djibouti. Most of the tribes are Ethiopian and the territory has traditionally been

They have many more tanks. We have 20; they have 200. In APC’s, we have 54; they have 310. We have no
radar, they have a radar system. Our air forces is over age; they have seven MIG-21’s and ten IL-28’s. As for
anti-aircraft batteries, we have 24 and they have 170. We have no rocket launchers and they have 24.

This is a deliberate policy of the Soviet Union to retard Ethiopia’s development and force it to change its
foreign policy.

Peace in the area has been maintained by Ethiopia. We are not an aggressive country. Our country is big;
distances make things different. This change in the balance of power endangers peace because our security is
threatened. If we suffer defeat and humiliation, it will be bad and it will also hurt American interests.

There are sabotage and probing actions by Somalia.

What would be the consequences of aggression? Some Arab states would aid Somalia. Two-three thousand
Soviet Union advisors would be directing the battle against us with the latest weapons.

It used to be said that Ethiopia was superior; now it is different. We can’t use our whole force against Somalia
and they have all these modern weapons. We do not know the position of the United States in case of this
kind of attack. Do we have contingency plans? What are your views? We propose emergency support for
Ethiopia to restore the balance quickly.

Subsequently we have plans to strengthen our forces over the coming years.

It is true this hardware would impose a burden on us, but we can survive and it is important. We are really
asking for replacements for aircraft and tanks to replace obsolescent ones. Therefore, the burden on Ethiopia
is not unbearable, and our people are prepared for this burden.

I am sorry to burden you with this, but we have nowhere else to go. This is a real danger which is being built

I have three documents for you: One is a paper on what I have said. The second is a paper on our emergency
plans. The third is our long-range plans for our armed forces.

On my way here I talked to President Sadat. He had a message. All he wants from Israel is the recovery of his

He is not insane enough to think Israel should be thrown out of the area. He is prepared to open the Suez
Canal in connection with the withdrawal of Israeli forces.

He told me of a plan to recognize the sovereignty of Egypt but to recognize the security interests of Israel.
That’s why he sent Ismail here. He said it was not satisfying because it would look as if we had only the
fragment of sovereignty while Israel actually occupied the territory.

The President: We do share the same objectives in Africa ever since I can remember.

I will direct General Scowcroft to see that your military papers will be properly considered. I will have Rush
look into it.

We have great difficulty with Congress with aid. We will again ask Congress for a substantial appropriation,
but I must honestly say to you that getting it will be difficult. We are also making provisions for credit
assistance in order to make up for this.

I will consider this very seriously, and to the extent I can get Congress to support, I will respond to your

Ethiopia is a proud, peaceful country. Ever since 1935. It would be a tragedy if Ethiopia was subjected to new
aggression. I will take up this matter when I meet with Brezhnev.

We cannot afford conflicts with the USSR over such areas of such value as the regions of the Middle East.

I have no easy answers for President Sadat. I appreciate His Majesty’s acting as a friend of the court. Egypt
and Israel are far apart. I will keep His Majesty’s message in mind as we proceed.

I share His Majesty’s concern. I will analyze all requests with a sympathetic view. I can’t promise, because of
the Congress, but America is with you to the extent that I can speak for Americans.

Selassie : I thank you, Mr. President, for the kind words. I know the United States has problems throughout
the world, with development, with other nations, etc. The magnitude of the problem varies in different areas.

I want to congratulate you on the bold actions in foreign affairs, for detente and what you have done to
improve relations with enemies, for peace in the world.

I decided to come here to tell you of the problems in the Horn of Africa because of the growing problems, and
the fact that aggression against Ethiopia is a Soviet policy. Escalation of action against Ethiopia is a definite

I accept what you have said, that you would consider the sympathetically to support me. I don’t ask for an
answer now, but just to remind you of these developments, our needs, etc.

I know you will look into it and do whatever you can under the circumstances.

The Soviet Union knows our relationship. They are exerting serious pressure on our people to change our

Not only the Soviet Union, but the Communist associates of the Soviet Union. We have only limited
association with the Soviet Union. Our loan of 15 years ago is not fully used. We are on friendly terms with
The Soviet Union but we are facing the Soviet Union. This has been forced on the United States.

I think I must go to the Soviet Union to tell them of the seriousness of this situation.

We have taken steps to regularize relations with China and they are no longer against us.

We have solved the boundary problem with Egypt. It is Soviet policy which concerns us.

The President: It is always valuable to talk with His Majesty. I am happy we can continue to talk tonight at

[The meeting ended.]

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB Post ~ 20 Apr 2020
Sunday, June 24, 1973
The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia
The Emperor of Ethiopia, Lion of Judah, King of
Kings, Elect of God, Power of the Trinity, Haile
Selassie I was interviewed by Oriana Fallaci in
His Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Your Majesty, I would like you to tell me
something about yourself. Tell me were you ever a
disobedient youth? But maybe I ought to ask you first
whether you have ever had time to be young, Your

Selassie: We don't understand that question. What
kind of question is that? It is obvious that We have
been young. We weren't born old! We have been a
child, a boy, a youth, an adult, and finally an old man.
Like everyone else. Our Lord the Creator made us
like everyone else. Maybe you wish to know what
kind of youth We were. Well We were a very serious,
very diligent, very obedient youth. We were
sometimes punished, but do you know why? Because
what We were made to study did not seem enough
and We wished to study further. We wanted to stay
on at school after lessons were over. We were loath
to amuse ourselves, to go riding, to play. We didn't
want to waste time on games.

Fallaci: Your Majesty, of all the monarchs still
occupying the thrones you are the one that has ruled
the longest. Moreover, in all age that has seen the
ruinous downfalls of so many kings, you are the one
the only absolute monarchy. Do you ever feel lonely
in a world so different from the one you grew up in?

Selassie: It is our opinion that the world hasn't
changed at all. We believe that such changes has
modified nothing. We don't ever notice any
differences between monarchies and republics. To us
they appear two substantially similar methods of
governing the nation. Well, tell us,: What is the
difference between a republic and a monarchy?

Fallaci: Actually, your Majesty, I mean to me, it
appears that in republics where democracy reigns
the leader is elected. But in monarchies he isn't.

Selassie: We don't see where the difference lies.

Fallaci: Never mind, Your Majesty. What is your
opinion of democracy?

Selassie: Democracy, republics: What do these
words signify? What have they changed in the world?
Have men become better, more loyal, kinder? Are the
people happier? All goes on as before, as always.
Illusions, illusions. Besides, one should consider the
interest of a nation before subverting it with words.
Democracy is necessary in some cases and We
believe some African peoples might adopt it. But in
other cases it is harmful, a mistake.

Fallaci: Your Majesty have you ever regretted your
Kingly fate? Have you ever dreamed of living the life
of an ordinary mortal?

Selassie: We don't understand that question. Even at
the hardest, most painful moments, We have never
regretted or cursed our fate. Never. And why should
We have? We were born of royal blood, authority is
ours by Right and since our Lord the Creator has
deemed, We might serve our people as a Father
serves his Son, being a monarch is a great joy to us.
Its what We were born for and what We have always
lived for.

Fallaci: Your Majesty, you are Ethiopia. Its you that
keeps it in hand, that keeps it united. What will
happen when you are no longer there?

Selassie: What do you mean? We do not understand
this question?

Fallaci: When you die, Your Majesty?

Selassie: Ethiopia has existed for 3,000 years. In fact,
it exists ever since the first man appeared on Earth.
My dynasty has ruled since the Queen of Sheba met
King Solomon and a Son was born of their union. It is
a Dynasty that has gone thru the centuries and will
go on for centuries more. A King is not indispensable,
and, besides, my succession is already ensured.
There is a Crown Prince and he will rule the country
when We are no longer there. This is what We have
decided and so it must be.

Fallaci: On the whole, your Majesty, yours has not
been a very a happy life. Those you loved have all
died: your wife, two daughters. You have lost many
of your illusions and many of your dreams. But you
must, I imagine, have accumulated great wisdom,
and of this I ask: How does Haile Selassie view death?

Selassie: What? View What?

Fallaci: Death your Majesty.

Selassie: Death, Death? Who is this woman? Where
does she come from? What does she want? Enough,
go away, ca suffit! Ca suffit!!

Source: Speaking Rastafari
Source: Cush I Kushanti ~ FB post ~ 23 Jul 2019
Emperor Haile Selassie I presents Ethiopia's Medal of
Honor to Duke Ellington
An estimated 200,000 people die in Wallo and Tigre province as a result of famine.
Christmas In Ethiopia, January 1974
Happy Epiphany
Timket celebration in Ethiopia, January 1974
Haile Selassie overthrown in military coup supported by the Soviet Union (USSR). General Teferi Benti
becomes head of state leading an ill-fated Marxist revolution.  Emperor Haile Selassie I deposed by Megistu
Haile Mariam
Emperor Haile Selassie I seen in public for last time.  He presided over an era of unprecedented change.  
However, his government would be swept away in a revolution that
suspended the oldest dynasty in

Exactly 43 years ago today (09-12-2017), September 12, 1974, ten junior military officers, all under the rank
of major, arrived at Addis Ababa's Jubilee Palace and read Emperor Haile Selassie a message from their larger
group of military men known as the Derg, that they were deposing him as Emperor of Ethiopia. They then led
away the last monarch of Ethiopia’s ancient dynasty, the 3,000-year old House of Solomon that claimed
descent from ancient Israel’s King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba dynasty , out of his palace, placed him in
a light blue Volkswagen bug, and drove him away to imprisonment. The Derg then commenced one of the
most brutal period's in African history, changing Ethiopia forever.
Openly embracing the communist ideology, in March 1975, revolutionaries abolished the monarchy. The
Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen went into exile in London, where several other members of the Imperial family
lived. The other members who were still in Ethiopia at the time of the revolution were imprisoned. The
imprisoned members of the Imperial family included Prince Wossen's father, Emperor Haile Selassie, his
daughter by his first marriage, Princess Ijigayehu, his sister, Princess Tenagnework, and many of his
nephews, nieces, relatives and in-laws. In 1975 his father, Emperor Haile Selassie, died in detention. In 1977
his daughter, Princess Ijigayehu, died in detention. Members of the Imperial family remained imprisoned
until 1988 (for the women) and 1989 (for the men).

The Derg eliminated its political opponents between 1975-77 in response to the declaration and instigation
of an Ethiopian Red Terror against the Derg by various opposition groups, primarily the Ethiopian People's
Revolutionary Party (EPRP). Like the Derg, it was Marxist. Brutal tactics were used by both sides, including
executions, assassinations, torture and the imprisonment of tens of thousands without trial, most of whom
were innocent.

The Ethiopian Red Terror was the "urban guerrilla" chapter of the brutal war. The government battled
guerrillas fighting for Eritrean independence for its entire period in power, as well as with other rebel groups
ranging from the conservative and pro-monarchy Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU) to the far leftist EPRP.
The Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), which would become the eventual victor in this conflict, was
one of the smaller groups at this time and the Derg did not bother to mount a serious campaign against them
until the Semien Zemecha in 1978.

At the same time the Derg faced an invasion from Somalia in 1977, which sought to annex the eastern parts of
Ethiopia, predominantly inhabited by Somalis. The Ethiopian army was able to defeat the Somali army
(which was supported by the Western Somali Liberation Front), though only with massive military
assistance from the Soviet Union and Cuba. Under the Derg, Ethiopia became the Warsaw Pact's closest ally
in Africa and one of the best-armed nations of the region as a result of massive military aid, chiefly from the
Soviet Union, Libya, East Germany, Cuba and North Korea. Most industries and private urban real-estate
holdings were nationalized by the Derg in 1975.

During the Derg’s nearly fifteen years of terror-inflicted control over Ethiopia, the ruling junta savagely
persecuted the country’s most ancient and venerated institution, the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church. Closely
tied to the non-Chalcedonian Coptic Church in Egypt, the Ethiopian Church is part of the non-Chalcedonian
family of churches, often termed “Oriental Orthodox” since the beginning of the Christian ecumenical
movement by those who see the differences between them and the Eastern Orthodox as minor.

The Ethiopian Church is unique in that it adheres closely to elements of Mosaic Law other Christian churches
believe were superseded with the New Covenant, such as male circumcision and most kosher dietary
regulations. The Ethiopian Church contains several books of Scripture within its canon that are
extracanonical to the rest of Christendom, most notably the Kebra Nagast (Ge’ez: Glory of Kings), a highly
symbolic, complex text which purports to describe how Queen Makeda of Axum (known to the West as the
“Queen of Sheba”) met King Solomon and gave birth to his son, Menelek, who, according to the account,
brought the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia with him when he succeeded his mother as king there.
The Ethiopian Church is also uniquely African in that its worship involves highly coordinated, elaborate
rhythmic dances and chants accompanying spiritual songs, called mezmurs.

Due to the Derg’s savage persecution of the Church and Ethiopian Christians, as well as mass starvation
caused by endemic droughts, millions of Ethiopians fled their homeland, seeking to build new lives for
themselves in the United States, Canada, Britain, and continental Europe. The Ethiopian Diaspora remains
one of the largest in the world today.

Source:  Tsega Tekle Haimanot FB Post ~ 09-12-2017
September 12, 1974
Last Public Words of Emperor Haile Selassie I
Source:  EthiopianWorldNET

A Rasiadonis Tafari film trailer - Illuminati's Creeping
ETHIOPIA Coup & Last Public Words of HAILE

communist Illuminati's Creeping Coup Last Public
Words of Haile Selassie I freemason NEW ILLUMINATI?
KILLUMINATI NWO New World Order, Global Union,
Club of Rome, Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign
Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones
Society, Boule, Humanist, New Age Movement,
Freemasons, Secret societies United Nation
Today (09/12/2019) is Meskerem 2, 2012 (Sin the Ethiopian calendar. A fateful day in the history of the
country. On this day 45 years ago, a group of 10 low ranking military officers (none over the rank of Major)
arrived at Addis Ababa’s Jubilee Palace to speak with the Emperor. A government press agency camera man
was present to record the event and the Emperor’s elderly cousin Leul Ras Imiru was asked to attend as a
witness. The armed officers were ushered into the Emperor’s study. The young men stood in a line before the
aged monarch, and Major Debela Dinsa, his hands shaking, read the Emperor the statement issued by the
Military Coordinating Committee (known as the Derg) that he was being deposed. Haile Selassie I, Elect of
God, King of Kings of Ethiopia, Defender of the faith, responded that the role of the monarch was to serve
through all circumstances good and bad, and that he had endeavored to help his people. He said that if it was
considered beneficial for the country that he step down, he would comply. Thus ended a dynasty that
stretched from Biblical Times. The Emperor was ushered into a baby blue Volkswagen (the personal car of
his long time driver) and under heavy military escort whisked away to the headquarters of the Imperial Army
4th Division and imprisonment. As the convoy swept out of the palace gates a small crowd of assembled
outside by the Derg screamed “Thief” at the Emperor as he was taken away.

Immediately tanks and jeeps with mounted machine guns swarmed through the city and took up key points
as Radio Ethiopia broadcast that the “ex-King” Haile Selassie I was deposed. The Derg (made up of 120 low
ranking officers and enlisted men) announced that it was now to be known as the Provisional Military
Administrative Council. It announced that it had asked Lt. General Aman Mikael Andom to be its Chairman
and acting Head of State until such time that Crown Prince Asfaw Wossen had recovered sufficiently from his
stroke and returned from medical treatment abroad to assume the throne as “King” (not Emperor).
Parliament was indefinitely suspended, the Imperial Supreme Court, and the Crown Council were abolished.
The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church removed from its role as the Church of State. Members of the
Imperial family were rounded up and detained, first in the Duke of Harrar’s mansion, but eventually in
horrific prisons. Over the following days, Prince Dawit Makonnen, grandson of the Emperor, was branded a
military deserter and an outlaw for disobeying a military summons to return to Ethiopia from the military
courses he was attending abroad, and Leul Ras Mengesha Seyoum, Governor-General and Prince of Tigray,
was also branded an outlaw for taking to the hills and organizing resistance to the revolution forming the
Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU). Former cabinet ministers, military officers, regional governors, nobles
and clerics found themselves locked away. Outside Marxist students celebrated the socialist revolution amid
songs that proclaimed “Without bloodshed, Ethiopia First” (ያለምንም ደም ኢትዮጵያ ትቅደም). The song and the
euphoria would evaporate within two months.

By the end of the month and through the next tensions would rise. Some Marxist intellectuals and students
wanted the military to hand over control of the revolution to civilians, others disagreed. Factions arose, then
parties aligning themselves with one or the other. By November General Aman and the Derg he was
nominally Chairman of were at loggerheads. Then on Hidar 13 (November 23) under the direction of the Vice
Chairman Mengistu Haile Mariam, General Aman was killed at a shootout at his home. On the same night
sixty Imperial officials were executed without formal charges ever being filed against them or a single court
appearance. “without bloodshed” song died with them too. General Aman was replaced as Chairman by
Brigadier General Tafari Banti, and Lt. Colonels Mengistu Haile Mariam and Atnafu Abate were to serve as
Vice-Chairmen. Everyone knew that the First Vice Chairman Mengistu was the real power in the land by then.
Ethiopia’s Monarchy was declared abolished, and the Red and White Terrors would be launched spreading
bloodshed at unprecedented levels. Ethiopia began the spiral that she is still trying to shake off.

The attached photo collage shows Emperor Haile Selassie in the final months of his reign, Lt. General Aman
M. Andom as he assumed his brief leadership just weeks before his violent death, the triumvirate of Mengistu
Haile Mariam, Teferi Benti and Atnafu Abate that replaced General Aman (the later two soon to be violently
eliminated by Mengistu), and the fateful blue Volkswagen as the Emperor departs his palace for the last time.

The beginning of path to unending turmoil.

Source: Solomon Kibriye ~ FB post ~ 19 Sep 2019
Saturday, November 23,1974
The Day That Changed Ethiopia
Oh, what we have lost.....��

The Massacre of the Sixty, or Black Saturday
(Amharic: ጥቁሩ ቅዳሜ, tikuru kidami), took place in
Addis Ababa on the morning of 23 November 1974
(Ethiopian calendar: 14 Hidar 1967), when 60
imprisoned former government officials were
executed by the Derg at Kerchele Prison (commonly
called Alem Bekagn - "Farewell to the World"

List of people executed:

The 54 below were executed on the orders of
Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Prime Minister Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Habte-Wold
Prime Minister Lilj Endalkachew Makonnen
Lt. General Abiye Abebe
H.H. Prince (Leul Ras) Asrate Kassa
Rear Admiral Leul Iskinder Desta
Ras Mesfin Sileshi
Ato Abebe Retta
Ato Akalework Habte-Wold
Lt. Colonel Tamirat Yigezu
Dejazmatch Kifle Irgetu
Lt. General Kebede Gebre
Lt. General Issayas Gebre-Sellasie
Lt. General Assefa Ayana
Lt. General Debebe HaileMariam
Lt. General Belete Abebe
Lt. General Deresae Dubale
Lt. General Haile Baikedagn
Lt. General Assefa Demisse
Lt. General Abebe Gemeda
Lt. General Yilma Shibeshi
Ato Mulatu Debebe
Dr. Tesfaye Gebre Igzi
Dejazmatch Workineh Wolde Amanuel
Dejazmatch Aemero Selassie Abebe
Dejazmatch Solomon Abreha
Dejazmatch Sahelu Difeye
Dejazmatch Worku Enko Selassie
Dejazmatch Legese Bezu
Colonel Solomon Kedir
Blata Admasu Retta
Ato Nebiye Leul Kifle
Ato Solomon Gebre Mariam
Ato Tegegn Yetashework
Afe Nigus (Lord Chief Justice) Abeje Debalke
Dejazmatch Kebede Aliwele Asfaw
Major General Gashaw Kebede
Major General Seyoum Gedle Giorgis
Major General Tafesse Lemma
Lij Hailu Desta
Fitawrari Amde Abera
Fitawrari Tadesse Enko Selassie
Fitawrari Demisse Alamirew
Kegnyazmatch Yilma Aboye
Brigadier General Wendimu Abebe
Brigadier General Girma Yohannes
Brigadier General Mulugeta Wolde Yohannes
Colonel Yigezu Yimene
Colonel Alem Zewde Tessema
Colonel Tassew Mojo
Major Berhane Mecha
Captain Mola Wakene
Captain Wolde-Yohannes Zergaw
Lieutenant Belai Tsegaye

Killed in shootout
The remaining six were killed in a shootout at the
home of General Aman Andom

Lieutenant Demisse Shiferaw
Lance Corporal Bekele Wolde Giorgis
Sub-Corporal Tekle Haile
Lt. General Aman Mikael Andom
Lance Corporal Tesfaye Tekle
Junior Aircraftsman Yohannes Fetoui

Source: Jens Kmp's post in Ethiopians for
Constitutional Monarchy ~ FB post ~ 5 Dec 2019
Prime Minister
Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Habte-Wold
“If by killing us you could redeem Ethiopia from
poverty, we then accept your action as a blessing,”
were the last words of the former Ethiopian Prime
Minister T’sehafi T’ezaz Aklilu Habtewold before
being executed on November 24, 1974.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot ~ FB post ~ 24 Nov
Emperor Haile Selassie I ascends to Holy Zion
After His Majesty entered the Shadow of Egziabhier in 1975, He reached the ultimate mystic stage
of life that makes Him live like Melchisedek, Who suddenly appeared to Abraham (and to the
biblical reader as well) without any introduction or genealogy, hidden in the Shadow of the
Almighty, however fully recognized by Abraham as King and Priest of the Earth, beyond any human
institutional conception of power:

"Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of
life" (Hebrew 7)

Melchisedek was the first Bahatawi, and Ethiopian Bahatawis follow the Mystic path of
Melchisedek having this same kind of approach as errant hidden spiritual leaders. Under that same
Charismatic Shadow, His Majesty lives and moves today among I&I.

Many claim to recognize the face of the King Himself in different Ethiopian Bahatawis that have
been met during these years, but before any speculation, we should always remember that
Melchisedek is also:

"MADE LIKE UNTO THE SON OF GOD" (Hebrew 7) that means, through this mystic path any
bahatawi develops physical similarity with Christ, and mystically speaking, He is Christ.

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB post ~ 30 September 2020
Ali Jackson ~ 27 August 2020

Today people want to post things online to commemorate the alleged so-called death of Girmawi Qedemawi
Atse Haile Selassie.

However, I personally refuse to join the ranks of the masses who have accepted the death of the Emperor
Haile Selassie I without ever seeing his deceased corpse nor burial immediately after his supposed death. No
autopsy was conducted, no medical inspection of the deceased Emperor. Nothing but "They" said they
meaning the Derg said he was dead but proved nothing to no one!!! Meles Zenawi, Hailemariam Desalegn nor
Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali have ever even considered the notion of proving to the world that those are indeed the
earthly remains of Ethiopia's last Emperor by way of DNA testing which would most certainly dispell the
multitude of rumors running rampant these days.��

So until you prove to me by way of DNA testing don't talk to me about Janhoy being dead. For all we know
those bones could belong to anyone!!!!

They want us to be no different than the situation with the Ark of the Covenant in Axum. We can't see it but
we believe it is there. We haven't seen anything yet they want us to accept the Emperor's dead remains are in
that tomb in the bottom of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. But until you prove me wrong by
science and not just you saying that is the Emperor I will not believe that is His Imperial Majesty Emperor
Haile Selassie I, period!!!!����
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African Unity And Telecommunications - Mar. 08, 1966 (Chapter_XII)
Constitutional Reforms - Mar. 22, 1966 (Chapter_VI)
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