About Us
UMOJA Connection, is an organization created to establish a
better humanity by fostering Love, Peace, and Unity amongst all
people.  We know we can fully accomplish this vision with your
support and the guidance from the omnipotent force guiding us
all.  With your support and others like you, we can overcome all
obstacles in our way.  We must start with ourselves before we
can effectively help others.

With investment in our people, we will synergize our
Cooperative Economics and Collective Investment as we
maximize the impact of our resources, for the elevation of our
Brothers and Sisters, around the globe.  The structure of this
proposal is designed with education, community, health,
economics, spiritual life, and government as the tools that mold
the product of the future, our children.

We will work to advocated for fair employment that will allow
us to become self-sufficient, thereby alleviating dependence on
foreign resources.

As we initiate and participate in 'offensive' economics
(education, health, homes, etc.) versus 'defensive' economics
(jails, drugs, and poverty), our resources are more effectively
distributed to constructive development of self-sufficient
communities.  Developed communities can help lesser
developed communities to reach self-sufficiency.

We will move from community to community, until our vision is
no longer a vision, but reality, for all our Brothers and Sisters, at
"Home and Abroad".

As long as one of us is suffering, then we are all suffering!  We
cannot separate the individual parts from the whole.  

The foundation for this organization comes from my own
personal journey and belief bestowed upon me by Our Almighty
Creator, the Wise Mind of
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, the Philosophies
and Opinions of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and the
historical foundation imparted to us by the Honorable
Chancellor Williams.  Many millions have given life for our
survival, let's make them proud by completing the journey,  
GOD our Father, Christ our Light, Love our Path, Zion our
Destiny, and Eternity our Measurement!

Michael ~ Malchijah
top of the
pyramid could
not exist without
the foundation below it
The pyramid represents our
foundation from which we build.  
The vision for our future is seen from the
top. The "C" represents our ability to see the
Connection we share. The "U" & "I" and "I" & "U"
represents the 'we' that balances us in harmony,
as we reach our destiny
UCI ~ I See You
Developing an environment for
our children and teachers that is
conducive to learning and
Strengthening our foundation by
re-vitalizing our family and
Developing a program that will
provide education, prevention,
and curative measures against
dis-eases impacting our
Gaining financial independence
through investment in people,
information, and property.
Spiritual Life
Developing an environment that
teaches basic to complex spiritual
Advocating representatives that
support the priorities of the
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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