Rich in Heritage ~ Wealthy in Wisdom ~ Priceless in Spirit
(1) Various meetings with
His Qedamawi Haile Selassie
King of kings
UCI ~ I See You
Note:  Due to various language interpretations, names and references may have different
spellings (e.g., Menylek - Menelik - Menilik - Menelek, Negus - Neguse -Negust, etc.), but
represent the same person/reference.
Cells with this color represent speeches made by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
Passing of Negus Ras Tafari's
Her Imperial Majesty
Empress Zewditu
.  Negus Ras
Tafari Makonnen proclaimed
Inside the church ~ On the left is
the resting place for
Tayitu (
Emperor Menlik's wife)
in the middle and his
Empress Zewditu on the
Source of
Joanness Fey FB
Post ~ 09-21-2017
Source of reference: Joanness Fey FB Post ~ 09-21-2017
* Please note that sources
for the chronology are
from various sources too
numerous to list.  Give
thanks for all  sources.  

JAH Bless!
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The passing away of Empress Zauditu on April 2nd, 1930, brought a call to enhanced duties and responsibilities, from which he
did not shrink. For the shouldering of this heavy burden, the years past had well prepared him ~ as the only man equal to the

Thereafter the program for modernization was continued in various directions. Haile Selassie I was working fast. He wished to
introduce a rule of law and to share responsibility with his people. Thus, in July, 1931, he gave his people, of his own free will, a
written constitution. That document, suited to its time and the prevailing circumstance, established a parliament of two chambers
and delegated to the ministers of the Crown the responsibilities and duties of their various offices. Vested rights and civil liberties
were guaranteed and protected. This step was unique in both Ethiopian and world political history.

Source: Omar Tobijah ~ FB post ~ 29 September 2020
Source: Joanness Fey FB Post ~
Proclamation 12th April 1930 part I
Source: Joanness Feb FB Post ~ 09-21-2017

(note: amharic translation to english ~ TBD)
Proclamation 12th April 1930 part 2
Source: Joanness Feb FB Post ~ 09-21-2017

(note: amharic translation to english ~ TBD)
Unveiling Menelik's Statue - Nov. 01, 1930 (HIM ~
Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)

A Tribute To The Famous Monarch, Menelik II

The equestrian statue was unveiled by Haile Selassie
the day before his coronation, in the presence of high
Ethiopian officials and the foreign diplomatic groups.
The coronation took place in a temporary building
adjacent to St. George Cathedral.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot ~ FB Post 11-02-2017
World Represented at Crowning Ceremony of
Solomon's Heir. (Source: The Sunday Star, Washington,
D.C. Published Nov 2, 1930.)

Source: Mosiyah Tafari ~ FB post ~ 29 Oct 2019
Bashir Khan ~ Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy ~ 8 November 2020

The Former National Anthem of the Empire of Ethiopia (1930-1975):
This anthem was in use during the rule of Emperor Haile Selassie I from November 2, 1930 to March 21, 1975.
The music was composed in 1926 by Kevork Nalbandian, an Armenian living in Ethiopia. It was first performed
when Emperor Haile Selassie I was crowned Emperor on November 2, 1930 and remained the national anthem
until the emporer was overthrown by Marxist/Communist army officers in 1974 who fully gained control of the
government in 1975.
“Ethiopians, Be Happy”
Ethiopia, be happy
thanks to the power of God and your ruler.
Your brave citizens are unanimous;
your freedom will never be touched,
as your mountains are defiant
and your natives do not fear any enemy.
Long live our victorious ruler
to the glory of our country.
Your mountains are defiant
and your natives do not fear any enemy.
Long live our victorious ruler
to the glory of our country.
“Ethiopia Hoy”
Ethiopia hoy dess ibalish
Beamlakish hail benegoosish
Tibaberewal arbanyotchish
Ayennakam ketto netsannatesh
Bertoo natchoha terarotchish
Ateférim ketelatotchish
Del adraguioo Negoosatchin
Yinoorellen lekebratchin.
Bertoo natchoha terarotchish
Ateférim ketelatotchish
Del adraguioo Negoosatchin
Yinoorellen lekebratchin.
1930-1974 Anthem of the Empire of thiopia ~ Instrumental (mp4)
click this link if the video above fails to play
Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy
የአፄ ኃይለ ሥላሤ እና የእቴጌ መነን አስፋው የንግስና በዓል
ጥቅምት 23 1923

The Coronationof Empress Menen Asfaw and Emperor Haile Selassie on November 2,1930. The great powers of
the time were all represented including the delegation from United Kingdom, France, United States, Turkey and
Egypt. In 1930 Ethiopia was the only country that was not colonized in Africa. Emperor Haile Selassie was
crowed King of Ethiopia after Empress Zewdedtu died 7 month before due to falling accident. Her father Menlik
II and herself along her nephew Lij Iyasu ruled Ethiopia from 1886 to 1930. The coronation of Emperor Haile
Selassie on November 2,1930 was the biggest celebration that Ethiopia ( Abyssinian) ever had. The Armenian
marching band played all the national anthem of the invited countries including their enemy Turkey. 15 years
prior in 1915 was the great Otoman Areminain massacre,where Turkey killed 1.5 million Armenians.

Source: Daniel Haileyesus  ~ 31 October 2020
HIM Coronation Video 11-02-1930 (mp4)
(click this link for video)
1930 - November 2 (23 Tekent 1922) -
Transfiguration Day.
(video) On this day after court
mourning for Empress Zewditu ended, proclaimed heir
to the throne Negus Ras Tafari Makonnen ascends the
royal throne of King David and King Solomon and is
elevated as "His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile
Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect
of God, King of kings of Ethiopia" assuming the title
Negus Negast (King of kings), office of Emperor and
vested with the 7 ornaments of the Coronation:
Sword, Diamond Encrusted Ring, 2 Traditional
Lances, Imperial Scepter, Gold Globe (Orb), Imperial
. Elevated and ascends the throne of David,
annointed and crowned His Imperial Majesty Emperor
Haile Selassie I (Qedamawi Haile Selassie I)(Might of
the Trinity) followed by the crowning of Empress
Menen Asfaw (Itegue Menen Asfaw) ascending with the
of Negesti Negast (Queen of queens).  Documented
in The Biography of Empress Menen Asfaw

Empress Menen is the only Empress to have been
crowned on the same day, during the same ceremony,
with the Emperor.  An all-night service was held in the
St. George cathedral (above) on the eve of the
coronation. Negus Ras Tafari and his wife Woizero
Menen prayed in unison with richly costumed priests
and deacons, who danced, chanted and beat drums and
prayer sticks in time with the music of harps, lyres,
tambourines, cymbals and the one-stringed masanko.
Physical ~ Coronation
Mental ~ Esoteric
Spiritual ~ Transfiguration
The GREATEST show on Earth was The Coronation of
2nd November 1930 AD.

The Most passionate moment of the Coronation was
when The Emperor gave his own chosen Psalms. Psalm

I was Glad when they said to me let us go to the house
of JAH ALMIGHTY. Our feet shall stand within thy gates

The Emperor laid stress of Unity of the Throne and the
Coptic Tabernacle and also being a message of Peace to
the Tribes of his Kingdom.

It was Splendid setting of the entry of the Emperor who
repeated the words of the Psalms.

Source: Haile Tertegrammaton Makonnen Selassie ~ FB
post ~ 30 Jan 2020
“In the name of the Almighty God, We Haile Sellassie I,
the Emperor of Ethiopia, swear that We will uphold and
defend the Constitution of the Empire”
Dear Judaic (Hebrew Israelites ), dear Christians
(Nazarites) , dear Muslims (Mohammadians) , dear
Hindus, dear Buddhists, dear Heathens (Nature
dwellers), dear Kemetiu, I introduce you all to your
Leader, your Emperor, your Light that showed you the
Way to Righteousness. The one and only His Imperial
Majesty Q’damawi Haile Selassie - King Of Kings Of
Ethiopia-Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah-Elect
Of God-Light Of The World WITH Her Imperial Majesty
Itege Menen Asfaw - Mother Of The Nation

Source: Negus Kamaal Atu ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
1 Timothy 3:16, "And without controversy great is the
mystery of godliness: GOD was manifest in the flesh,
justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the
Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into
glory."He was seen by angels(messengers) and
announced to the nations.

Source: Senyota Tafari ~ FB post ~ 2 Nov 2019
Ali Jackson ~ 22 August 2020

Ethiopia's glory resided within the personality of the only King of kings, Lord of lords, Conquering Lion of the
Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, Light of the world, Power of the Trinity, Head of the Church, Defender of the Faith,
True custodian of the Ark of the Covenant, 225th Emperor of the Ethiopian Solomonic Dynasty. Descendant of
the Biblical Queen of Sheba (Makeda) & Israel's Biblical Kings David & Solomon. Earth's rightful ruler!!!!
Addis Ababa , Ethiopia !
Addison E. Southard, United States Minister to Ethiopia
National Geographic, June 1931

“As Sunday, November 2, dawned clear, all in Addis Ababa began to prepare for the impressive event of the
morning. The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah and his Empress have just completed a night of prayer and
devotion at the most high altar within. Through the early morning the chanting of praises continued,
accompanied by the dancing of the priests with their great pulsating drums, the whole suggestive of the Ancient
Jewish rites which were in use at the time of King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant.“ Proceeded by
waving incense burners, His Imperial Majesty, attired in white silk communion robes, entered the ceremonial
hall with an escort of aides and clergy, and took his place upon the Throne. The thrilling but solemn silence
gently breaks to the throaty voice of his holiness the Abuna Kyrillos:

“Ye princes and ministers, ye nobles and chiefs of the army, ye soldiers and people of Ethiopia, and ye doctors
and chiefs of the clergy, ye professors and priests, look ye upon our Emperor Haile Selassie the First, descended
from the dynasty of Menelik the First, who was born of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, a dynasty perpetuated
without interruption from the time of King Sehale to our times.”

“Forty nine bishops and priests of this ancient Christian country, in groups of seven, have held place for seven
days and nights in the seven corners of the National Cathedral to chant without ceasing nine Psalms of David.
They are now joined by hundreds more. The established Coptic Church is revered and all-powerful in Ethiopia.
This is a day when it may and does show its impressive might and splendor.“

The Emperor, whose name is Anglicized as Power of the Holy Trinity, before the questioning of the Abuna gives
his sacred pledge to uphold the Orthodox religion of the Church, to support and administer the laws of the
country for the betterment of the people, to maintain the integrity of Ethiopia, and to found schools for
developing the Spiritual and Material welfare of her subjects.

“Chanting and prayers to the God of Gods rise from a multitude of priestly throats and reverberate from the lofty
ceiling of the Cathedral. One by one with the solemn rites and blessings of the high Ethiopian clergy, He received
the Gold-Embroidered Scarlet Robes, the Jeweled Sword, Imperial Gold Scepter, the Orb, the Diamond Encrusted
Ring, and two Gold Filigree Lances in token of His position and responsibility. Following ancient customs, as
when Samuel anointed David, and Zadok and Nathan anointed Solomon, so the Abuna anointed His Majesty’s
head with oil. Seven differently scented ointments of ancient prescription are received on the Imperial head,
brow, and shoulders. He then concluded with the words:

“That God make this Crown a Crown of Glory. That, by the Grace and the blessing which we have given, you may
have an Unshaken Faith and a Pure Heart, in order that you may inherit the Crown Eternal. So be it.”

The centuries seemed to have slipped suddenly backwards into Biblical ritual.

“The assembly applauded their greeting, and the visiting naval band played the National Anthem, while outside
cannons roared a salute of 101 guns, and cheer after cheer came from thousands of subjects massed in the
vicinity of the Cathedral.”


The preparations for the coronation ceremony of Emperor Haile Sellassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw were
quite elaborate. According to the National Geographic Magazine of June 1931, several streets in the capital were
asphalted for the occasion, electric lights were installed, and eucalyptus fences were constructed to hide round
“tukul” huts. Arches were erected along the route that the Emperor and Empress were to take, and flags and
bunting were strung up for the celebration.

The police and Imperial Bodyguard were transformed with new khaki uniforms. A triangular coronation
monument was erected to commemorate Emperor Haile Sellassie I, whose name translated means Power of the
Trinity. The upcoming grand coronation would have provided an opportunity for many relatives of both Menen
and Tafari to journey to Addis Ababa. This would have been a busy time for the imminent Empress, as she
ensured that her visitors were comfortably accommodated. There were several photographs of the immediate
and extended family taken at this time by Armenian court photographers, Haigaz and Tony Boyadjians.

To provide seating for 700 guests, a large auditorium was constructed on the western side of St. George’s
Church. Inside, two thrones were placed one third of the way into the hall and some distance apart. His Majesty’
s throne was decorated in red and gold, while Her Majesty’s was decorated in blue and gold. For seven days and
nights prior to the coronation ceremony, forty-nine bishops and priests in groups of seven chanted the nine
Psalms of David at seven stations around St. George‘s Church.

On Tikimt 22, 1923 (November 1, 1930), the day before his coronation, Ras Tafari, in a lengthy speech, paid
tribute to the deceased Emperor Menelik II. In the circle in front of St. George’s Church, the visiting Duke of
Gloucester of Britain unveiled a gilded statue of Emperor Menelik II riding a horse. On that same day, at
midnight, the future Emperor, Empress, family members and nobles attended a church service at St. George‘s for
devotional prayer. On the following morning, Tikimt 23, 1923 (November 2, 1930), at 7:00 AM the foreign
guests arrived, many accompanied by Ethiopian nobility, and were seated in the church.

Coronation of Emperor Haile Sellassie I !
At 7:30 AM on Tikimt 23, 1923 (November 2, 1930), Their Majesties, dressed in white silken communion robes,
emerged from the church behind the incense bearers. Once the Emperor was seated on his throne in the
temporary auditorium, the silence was broken by His Holiness Abuna Kyrilos, who proclaimed, “Ye princes and
ministers, ye nobles and chiefs of the army, ye soldiers and people of Ethiopia, and ye doctors and chiefs of the
clergy, ye professors and priests, look ye upon our Emperor Haile Sellassie the First, descended from the
dynasty of Menelik the First, who was born of Solomon and of the Queen of Sheba, a dynasty perpetuated
without interruption from that time to King Sehale Sellassie and to our times.”

The Emperor then gave his sacred vow to uphold the Orthodox religion, to uphold and administer the laws of
the land for the betterment of the Ethiopian people, to maintain the integrity of Ethiopia, and to found schools
for developing the spiritual and material welfare of his subjects. In a ceremony lasting five hours, Emperor Haile
Sellassie I was covered in gold-embroidered scarlet vestments, and was then presented with
a gold sword
studded with precious stones and
an imperial scepter made of gold and ivory. In addition, a golden globe of
the world,
a diamond-encrusted ring, and two traditional lances filigreed in gold were bestowed upon His
With each of these presentations, an anointment of sacred oil was made to the imperial head, brow,
and shoulders.
The magnificent crown, made of gold and encrusted with diamonds and emeralds, was then
placed upon his head and Abuna Kyrilos proclaimed, “That God may make this crown a crown of sanctity and
glory. That by the grace and the blessing, whi+ch we have given you, may you have an unshaken faith and a pure
heart, in order that you may inherit the crown eternal. So be it.”

The new Emperor’s fourteen-year-old son Asfa Wossen then bowed down before his father, pledging his
support, as he became the Crown Prince. The Emperor’s second son, six-year-old Prince Mekonnen then paid his
respects to his father. The national anthem was played while 101 cannons roared and thousands of loyal
subjects surrounding the church cheered in admiration.

Coronation of Empress Menen !
After the ceremony for the Emperor, the Empress entered with her attendants to take her throne. Perhaps her
attendants were her daughters, seventeen-year-old Tenagne Work and thirteen-year-old Zenebework. The
following reading from thePsalms of David (Psalms 45:9-11) was made as a prayer.“Kings’ daughters were
among thy honorable women: upon thy right hand did stand the queen in gold of Ophir. Hearken, O daughter,
and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house; so shall the king greatly
desire thy beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him.”

The Empress was presented with a ring encrusted with diamonds, and then the red and gold coronation robes
were placed upon her. The new Emperor received the Empress’s crown from the Archbishop and spoke the
following words about his Empress, “As I, with the will of God, have received this crown from your Holiness, I
request the Empress to receive this crown and partake in the honor with me. Therefore, I request your Holiness
to put the crown on Empress Menen.”

Abuna Kyrilos took the crown from the Emperor and placed it on the Empress’s head as he made a prayer that
the crown be one of knowledge and wisdom, sympathy and goodness. In accordance with this prayer, Empress
Menen used her crown to serve the people and to help the poor. After receiving her crown, the Empress went to
bow before the Emperor and returned to sit on her throne. Again the anthem was played, the cannons roared
and the multitude of women outside the church ululated in appreciation for Empress Menen.

The newly crowned Emperor and Empress then took a grand tour around the inside of St. George’s Church,
escorted by bishops and priests, their children, high dignitaries, assistants and others all carrying palm branches
and chanting, “Blessed be the King of Israel.” After this, Their Majesties removed their crowns and royal
vestments to attend mass inside St. George’s Church in their traditional white silken clothing. Later they donned
their regal robes and crowns once more in order to present themselves to the waiting multitude outside before
entering a coach drawn by six bay horses, which conveyed them to the Imperial Palace for a state dinner.

On that day, silver medallions bearing the likeness of the new Emperor and Empress were presented to their
honorary guests. In attendance were the Duke of Gloucester as envoy of the King of England, the Prince of Udine
representing Italy, Marshal Franchet d’Esperey of France, and emissaries from Belgium, Egypt, Germany, Greece,
Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and the United States. European nobles and ministers present on
the occasion expressed their appreciation for the loveliness of Empress Menen. It is interesting to note that the
thirty-nine-year-old Empress was more than five months pregnant with her last son when the lengthy
coronation events took place.

Source: Nyahbinghi Rastafari ~ FB Post 11-01-2017
I came across this picture of the poster for Janhoy's &
Itege Menen's Imperial coronation November 2, 1930.
On the upper half of the picture a white three-pointed
star from which three lines are emanating. Above in two
semi-circles two lines of an Amharic inscription, below
the inscription "Haile Selassie I." In the upper part of the
lower half from left a lion with an Emperor's crown and
a scepter in his paw, an orb, a Star of David with a
three-pointed star, and an Amharic inscription. In the
lower part from left the portrait of the empress, the
inscription "Emperor of Ethiopia", the portrait of the
Emperor, and the inscription "Coronation 2 Novembre

Source: Ali Jackson FB Post ~ 02-12-2019
In Ethiopia, the ceremony of inaugurating a new ruler was purely religious and liturgical. It opens with the
reading of Psalm 122. The Patriarch then, in the presence of leading ecclesiastics, places the crown upon the
monarch, seated on a throne, and says: "May God grant that this crown be a halo of holiness and glory. May you
by your prayers, preserve your faith unshaken and unconquerable! May you be pure in heart even as this gold is
pure." To this blessing the emperor replies, "Amen." The Abuna presents the monarch as "(So and so)
descended from the Dynasty of Menelik I, the first born son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, a dynasty which
has been perpetuated without interruption until our day." With his hand on the Bible, the ruler takes an oath, "to
maintain the Orthodox religion, the laws of the Empire, the integrity of the territories of the country, and to
support the founding of religious (and secular) schools and institutions."

The Emperor would then be given a sword known as the "Sword of Solomon," with the exhortation: By this
sword execute true justice, protect the church, the widows, and the orphans, restore that which needs to be
restored, chastise the wicked, render honor to the righteous; and with it serve our Savior Jesus Christ." After the
chanting of Psalm 110, the emperor is thus given the royal scepter and orb. Following a ring is then placed on
the emperor's right hand, saying, "Accept this as a symbol of your Imperial glory." The actual anointing of the
sovereign with holy chrism takes place after the chief priest of the convent of Debre Libanos says a long prayer.
The ceremony is concluded by the Abuna with the blessing "May it be the will of God that this be a crown of
sanctity and glory." May you by our prayers, preserve your faith unshakable and your heart pure, and inherit the
crown of eternal life. Amen.

During the ceremony the two persons closest to the emperor- the empress and the crown prince- are presented
and blessed. Following the crowning of the emperor, the empress is given a ring by a bishop, who says: “Let
your faith shine even as these jewels.” Then the emperor, taking her crown from the Archbishop, says: “As I have
been made to receive from your hands the Crown of the Empire which our God has given unto me, so it is my
firm desire that my empress shall in my glory receive from me this crown which I ask your holiness to [place
upon her.” The Archbishop then places the crown upon the empress. At the end of the ceremony, the crown
prince, if present, profess his allegiance to his father. The emperor presents his right hand, saying: “May the
Most High make you a worthy successor to my force, my power, my throne, and my crown.” The crown prince
replies, “Amen,” and kisses the right hand of his father.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot ~ FB Post 10-30-2017
The Coronation Esoteric meaning

The coronation of Emperor and Empress at that time and still today was the physical manifestation of God and
Goddess. Which are dormant qualities in every individual, with the Chakras activated as the Perfect Tree of Life.

2nd November 1930 was the date of coronation. 49 Bishops (multiple of 7),in groups of 7,held place for 7 days
and 7 nights in the 7 corners of the national cathedral.

In front of the coronation platform of the Emperor and Empress,five full-grown lions with golden manes snarled
and roared, drawing fearful look from some,like Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester,3rd son of George V.

HIM received 7 Imperial Vestments on his coronation day for his 7 aligned chakras.

1. (1)
Jewelled sword ~ Base Chakra.
2. (1)
Orb ~ Navel Chakra.
3. (1)
Robe ~ Solar Plexus Chakra.
4. (1)
Imperial Golden Sceptre ~ Heart Chakra.
5. (2)
Lances ~ Throat Chakra(Double Edged Sword).
6. (1)
Diamond Ring ~ Third Eye.
7. (1)
The Triple Crown ~ Crown Chakra.

These 7 items(the 2 Lances represents Truth or the Double Edged Sword)are the physical representation of the
chakra. The Inner standing of His and Her Imperial Majesty being  coronated on the same day, which was first
time in Ethiopian History,shows the correlation of male and female supporting each other and metaphysically
the right and left brain hemispheres functioning in complete balance;His Majesty Emperor Hayl Sellasse
representing the left brain,and Her Majesty Empress Menen representing the right brain and Kundalini energy.

The triple crown is the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus gland,that sits between the left and the right brain.

"King Alpha and Queen Omega said that they are the Black Arc Sovereign Of Most High Time.The perfect
Virginity and Supreme Crown Head of Holy times, paymaster and THE PERFECT TREE OF LIFE."

The symbology of the Coronation is the full activation of the Goddess and God state, the reawakening of the
Goddess Principle and the true balance of matrilennial rulership on Earth.

Rastafari is the almighty.


Source:  Frank Mtshali ~ FB post ~ 5 Jul 2020
In Commemoration of Ethiopia's recent Coronation

The monument to the enthronement of Emperor Haile
Selassie and Empress Menen stands on a newly built-up
triangle in the center of the capital.  The symbol
suggests the name of the ruler, which means Power of
the Trinity
Decree - Granting Constitution - Jul. 16, 1931 (HIM ~
Selected Speeches ~ Chapter VI -1)

Promulgated the first Ethiopian Constitution to Our
Ethiopian people.  The Constitution brought Ethiopia a
better educational system and technical advantages.
Upon The Signing Of The Ethiopian Constitution - Jul.
16, 1931 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter VI -2)
New York Times Cable

Today in 1931: Ethiopia, then known as
Abyssinia, moved away from being an absolute
monarchy and instead Emperor Haile Selassie
set up a Constitution
Source: Haile Selassie I ~ FB Post ~ 17 Jul 2019
Promulagated the first Ethiopian Constitution to Our Ethiopian people.  The Constitution brought Ethiopia a
better educational system and technical advantages. (Note: verify date)
Opening Ethiopian Parliment - Nov. 02, 1930 (HIM ~ Selected_Speeches ~ Chapter_VI)
  Howell’s first public articulation of the divinity of Haile
Selassie occurred in January 1933. This first open
deification, which proclaimed the Emperor of Ethiopia
to be the incarnation of God, took place at “Redemption
Ground” in Kingston but was not successful in gaining

In February 1933, Howell relocated his meeting to a
southeastern parish of St. Thomas and two months
later, on April 18, he addressed about two hundred
people at a meeting in Trinity Ville, St. Thomas. During
this meeting, police were present to monitor and
control the event, which they deemed to be of a
“seditious nature.” Despite concerns, authorities chose
not to press charges against Howell so as not to draw
extra attention to his movement and decided instead to
closely monitor him.

According to Howell and his followers, Emperor Haile
Selassie I of Ethiopia was the “Black Messiah” – an
incarnation of God predicted by biblical prophecy.
Howell believed that the grand coronation of Haile
Selassie (who was widely traditionally claimed to be
the descendant of King David, King Solomon, and the
Queen of Sheba, in part due to the medieval Ethiopian
text Kebra Nagast), was the realization of a prophecy.
The grandness of the emperor's ascension to power
appeared to validate Howell's imperative claim.[6]

Howell's teachings often began with background
information about the people, land, and sovereignty of
Ethiopia as an unchanged land populated by original,
primitive Christian people who were under direct rule
of a king who was a direct descendant of King David. He
idealized Ethiopia in his preaching, calling the country a
land with unmatched people and a perfect language, the
sole uncorrupted language on Earth. Howell
emphasized the coming of a new civilization based
upon and founded in the glory and power of Haile
Selassie, the "Supreme Black King." He instructed his
followers to adore the Ethiopian emperor as the
supreme God over all of humanity. In Howell's view, it
was through Ethiopia that the truths of good character,
social order, manhood and womanhood were preserved
and were unfolding for all to see. Howell preached that
Ethiopian culture was re-emerging to overtake
hegemonic Anglo-Saxon forces that had kept Africans

Source: Ras Selamawi Melchezidec ~ FB Post ~ 29 Oct
The King of Kings and his Army ..1934,
Walter Mittelholzer

Source:  Biniam Ethiopian ~ FB Post 11/2016
Speech To Ethiopian Parliament On Italy's Aggression - July 11, 1934 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
H. I. M Emperor Haile Selassie I
spiritual preparation before the war
with Italy (Rome)
Mussolini (Italy) invades Ethiopia.
Emperor Haile Selassie I Portrait
Imperial Family departs Ethiopia for Djibouti for safety from barbaric Italian invaders.
"I am glad to take all the risk of war like every true Ethiopian Empress...My principal care will be to look after my
husband...I want to keep him strong...My first duty is to help him."--Words of Empress Menen in 1935.

Rastafari is the almighty.  
Source: F.Mtshali ~ FB post ~ 1 August 2020

Hand-written message by His Majesty, 1935, with
extended signature (Q. Hayle Selassie N. N.):

"Ethiopia is a civilized people and nation that wants to
live in peace with her neighbours. Being jealous of her
rights, but respectful towards the rights of the others,
she won't suffer any injustice."

Source:  Tekle Selassie ~ 2 August 2020
Mobilization Proclamation - Oct. 03, 1935 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
Oct. 3, 1935
The Lion of Judah has prevailed
Haile Selassie I, Elect of God
King of Kings of Ethiopia
St. George Church
The mobilisation proclamation, of 3rd October 1935, read by the Grand Chamberlain, read as follows:
The conflict between Italy and our country, which has now lasted for almost a year, started at Wal-Wal on 5th
December, 1934.

Our soldiers, serving as an escort to an international commission, were attacked in our territory by Italian
troops. Italy, following the attack, demanded reparations and apologies, which were refused.
When, after much resistance on Italy’s part, we were able, thanks to our perseverance and the efforts of the
League of Nations Council, to bring this difference before the arbitrators, they unanimously recognised that we
were guiltless of the fault Italy imputed to us.

But Italy, which for a long time has shown an unconcealed desire to acquire our country, now prepares to attack

Renouncing the signature she gave to the League Covenant, violating peace promises solemnly made to us in the
1928 Italo-Ethiopian Treaty, and reducing to nothing all international engagements, notably the Pact
renouncing war, Italy prepares a second time to violate our territory.

The hour is grave. Arise, each of you! Take up arms, and rush to the defence of your country. Rally to your chiefs;
obey them with single purpose, and repel the invader!

May those who are unable because of weakness and infirmity to take an active part in this sacred quarrel, help
us with their prayers.

The opinion of the world has been revolted by this aggression against us. God be with us all. All forward, for
your Emperor and for your country!

Source: Jens Kmp ~ Fb post ~ 3 Oct 2020
Following the 5 December 1934 Italian invasion of Ethiopia at Walwal, Ogeden Province, Haile Selassie I joined
his northern armies and set up headquarters at Desse in Wollo province.  He issued his mobilization order on 3
October 1935:  If you withhold from your country Ethiopia the death from cough or head-cold of which you
would otherwise die, refusing to resist (in your district, in your patrimony, and in your home) our enemy who is
coming from a distant country to attack us, and if you persist in not shedding your blood, you will be rebuked for
it by your Creator and will be cursed by your offspring. Hence, without cooling your heart of accustomed valour,
there emerges your decision to fight fiercely, mindful of your history that will last far into the future… If on your
march you touch any property inside houses or cattle and crops outside, not even grass, straw, and dung
excluded, it is like killing your brother who is dying with you… You, countryman, living at the various access
routes, set up a market for the army at the places where it is camping and on the day your district-governor will
indicate to you, lest the soldiers campaigning for Ethiopia's liberty should experience difficulty. You will not be
charged excise duty, until the end of the campaign, for anything you are marketing at the military camps: I have
granted you remission… After you have been ordered to go to war, but are then idly missing from the campaign,
and when you are seized by the local chief or by an accuser, you will have punishment inflicted upon your
inherited land, your property, and your body; to the accuser I shall grant a third of your property…
Above picture and mobilization certificate source:  Jens Kmp ~ FB post ~ 3 Oct 2019

Today is the 74th Anniversary of Mussolini's
undeclared surprised attack upon Ethiopia on October
3, 1935 when fascist Italians carried out a systematic
mass extermination campaign in Ethiopia that was
carried out with poison gas sprayed from airplanes over
highly populated remote areas in Ethiopian that
claimed the lives of millions.

The Vatican is also complicit...Pope Pius XI blessed the
fascist troops, fascist military equipment and airplanes
carrying poison gas...before they departed to carry out
Mussolini's "civilising mission" in Ethiopia.

Despite the fact the Ethiopian genocide occurred during
the same time frame as the one in Europe, the United
Nations has consistently failed to acknowledge or
address fascist war crimes in Ethiopia. We will be
asking you to join us at the end of the year to appeal the
UN to be fair and cease being historically biased and to
the right thing to remedy this issue.

Source: Wolette Selassie ~ FB post ~ 7 Oct 2019
October 7 1935 Emperor Haile Selassie with his son
Makonnen, Duke Of Harar, during the Masqal
Celebration, which celebrates the end of rainy season.

Source:  Pavel Zilcov‎ ~ FB Post 10-09-2017
On 19 October 1935, Haile Selassie gave more precise orders for his army to his Commander-in-Chief,
Ras Kassa:
When you set up tents, it is to be in caves and by trees and in a wood, if the place happens to be adjoining to
these―and separated in the various platoons. Tents are to be set up at a distance of 30 cubits from each other.
2. When an aeroplane is sighted, one should leave large open roads and wide meadows and march in valleys
and trenches and by zigzag routes, along places which have trees and woods.
3. When an aeroplane comes to drop bombs, it will not suit it to do so unless it comes down to about 100
metres; hence when it flies low for such action, one should fire a volley with a good and very long gun and then
quickly disperse. When three or four bullets have hit it, the aeroplane is bound to fall down. But let only those
fire who have been ordered to shoot with a weapon that has been selected for such firing, for if everyone shoots
who possesses a gun, there is no advantage in this except to waste bullets and to disclose the men's

4. Lest the aeroplane, when rising again, should detect the whereabouts of those who are dispersed, it is well to
remain cautiously scattered as long as it is still fairly close. In time of war it suits the enemy to aim his guns at
adorned shields, ornaments, silver and gold cloaks, silk shirts and all similar things. Whether one possesses a
jacket or not, it is best to wear a narrow-sleeved shirt with faded colours. When we return, with God's help, you
can wear your gold and silver decorations then. Now it is time to go and fight. We offer you all these words of
advice in the hope that no great harm should befall you through lack of caution. At the same time, We are glad to
assure you that in time of war We are ready to shed Our blood in your midst for the sake of Ethiopia's freedom…"
Compared to the Ethiopians, the Italians had an advanced, modern military which included a large air force. The
Italians would also come to employ chemical weapons extensively throughout the conflict, even targeting Red
Cross field hospitals in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Who is this cool cool handsome guy ��? He is an African-
American from the South, by the name of John Charles
Robinson. He had applied at the Curtis Wright school of
aviation in Chicago but was denied because he was
black. Determined, he ended up getting a job as a janitor
of the school. He would ease drop and unofficially sit in
the classes. After a while the school couldn't deny the
brilliance of their janitor and finally they let him attend
the school as the first African American. Mr Robinson
with his undeniable intelligence also convinced the
school to enroll more black Aviation students.

He also started an association called
"African-Americans Wanting To Fly". To further
promote Black Pilots, Robinson convinced the Tuskegee
Institute which at the time was mostly focused on
engineering to open up a school for Aviation. Yes,
Robinson is the Genesis of Tuskegee Aviation. He is
called the Father of Tuskegee Pilots. But it gets better
and better.
Robinson was sick of the limitations and racism of america especially the lynchings of Black people by white
mobs in his hometown of Florida and Mississippi. Robinson and his colleagues were political and military
activist motivated by the Pan African movement. Ethiopia, the only independent Country in Africa was
threatened by imperialistic Italy under fascist dictator Mussolini. As Ethiopia was non colonized, it represented
a large idea of a free and independent Africa that Robinson supported.

In 1935, Robinson publicly announced on the Association Of Negro Press in Chicago his intention to defend
Ethiopia. He did it so publicly to motivate other African-Americans into also volunteering. Haile Selassie heard of
this bold move and wired an official invitation to Robinson; Robinson accepted. Upon his arrival to Ethiopia,
Robinson started pilot training Ethiopians in the Capital, Addis Ababa.

Haile Selassie also had other pilots from different parts of Africa along with Robinson but Robinson stood out.
One day a fellow Aviator from Trinidad Hubert Julian struck Robinson. Emperor Salassie heard of it and ordered
Hubert to get the f*** out of Ethiopia.

Shortly after, Haile Sellasie appointed Robinson as the Commander of the Ethiopian Air Force. The King let it be
known to his pilots that Robinson was in charge of them. Yes an African-American was in charge of the Ethiopian
Air Force. Unfortunately, many of the planes Ethiopia had were weaponless but Robinsons flew vital supplies to
Ethiopian soldiers. Ethiopia was outmatched and Robinson witnessed the relentless bombings from Italy on
innocent people of Ethiopia.

Haile Selassie knowing he was unmatched militarily urged Robinson to return to America for safety. Haile
Selassie himself would also go into Exile and start a campaign addressing the United Nations. Robinson
returned home to a heroes welcome from the Black communities of America.

Robinson however was never content in America. His heart and mind was always with Ethiopia. Only after his
return did the U.S allow him to join the military with the Tuskegee pilots that he founded to fight in World War
II. In April 1944 after Ethiopia was successful in defeating Italy, Robinson return to Addis Ababa as an Aviation
instructor with a team of African-American technicians.

He along with Haile Sellasie's second son sponsored a pilot training school. Robinson trained more than 80
Ethiopian Aviation Cadets to serve in the resurrected Imperial Ethiopian Air Force. Including not only the Air
Force but also Ethiopian Airlines. Yes, this African American who was the seed of the Tuskegee Airmen is also
the seed of Ethiopian Airlines. The largest Airline in Africa today.

Mr. Robinson died and was buried in Ethiopia. They try so hard to bury the history, but the bravery of our
ancestors soar beyond the grave and into our heart. Never forget our Unity.

Source: Aira Genesis ~ FB post ~ 29 October 2020
H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I upon sending greetings and a Christmas message to America prays,

"As leader of one of the oldest Christian nations of the world, I salute Christian America.
I wish her people continuance of that peace, contentment and filiality with which the great figure whose birth
we celebrate tomorrow endowed them.

Our people, whose peaceful pastoral lives are founded upon that of the gentle peacemaker, pray that they may
soon be delivered from the horrors of war.

I pray for America and all great Christian nations to join in that prayer, that the previous principles of peace,
sanctified in the death of Christ, may again be restored in a distracted world." - H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie I

December 25, 1935
Setting the Record Straight: Haile Selassie’s Decision during WWII
PROOF! Emperor Haile Selassie I did
NOT flee and leave his people but
was advised by warriors to leave for
Palestine, then UK. Share this video
to eradicate lies and help us filter out
the filth. Our Majesty was also a
devout follower of Yashua Our
Messiah, a praying man, a lover of
fasting and observer of Holy Days.
RTV, keeping them honest!

Source: Rastafari TV Network ~ FB
post ~ 5 May 2016
Emperor Haile Selassie I at the League of Nations

Appeal to The League of Nations. - Jun. 30, 1936 (HIM
~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)

Emperor Haile Selassie I addresses the League of
Nations regarding the unlawful invasion of Ethiopia by
Appeal to The League of Nations
His Imperial Majesty goes into exile and buys Fairfield
House near Bath, England while waiting for the League
of Nations to act.  
Fairfield House, in Newbridge, Bath, England is a Grade
II listed building.[1] It was the residence of Haile
Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, during the five years he
spent in exile (1936–41). Following his return to
Ethiopia, he donated it to the city of Bath in 1958 as a
residence for the aged.[1]

Source: wikipedia
    Italians capture Addis Ababa, king of Italy made emperor of Ethiopia; Ethiopia combined with Eritrea and Italian
Somaliland to become Italian East Africa.
His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I meets with Mr.
Johnson, a Bath citizen, in Victoria Park, in Bath
England. (1)
"The Emperor of Abyssinia, who is the subject of the
first photograph in colour ever reproduced by a

Daily Record, June 22 1936

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB post ~ 24 October 2020
The EWF was formally established on August 25, 1937 in New York City as The Ethiopian World Federation,
Incorporated. It was originally a not-for-profit membership organization, incorporated in the State of New York.
Later it was also registered by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(4) organization, thus conferring
tax-exempt status on the organization and its legal subsidiary bodies.
The main purpose was set out in the following preamble is captured in the 3rd
On August 25th 1937 the Ethiopian World Federation Inc was formally established.

The Ethiopian World Federation is an Imperial Federation chartered by Emperor Haile Selassie I to organize
Black support for Ethiopia around the world and empowered to further movements of repatriation and support
across the African diaspora.

The EWF was built on the efforts of people of African descent in America and diaspora who provided aid to
Ethiopia during the Ethio-Italian war! A delegation was sent from Harlem in 1936, including prominent figures
who were all leaders of the Black organization known as Aid For Ethiopia. Reverend William Lloyd Imes, Pastor
Philip M Savory of the prestigious St. James Presbyterian Church, head of the Victory Insurance Company and
co-owner of the New York Amsterdam News, and Cyril M Philip, secretary of United Aid; sailed to England in
summer of 1936 to speak specifically with His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I concerning financial
matters.  In response, the Emperor appointed his personal physician Dr. Malaku E. Bayen as special emissary
who first work with Aid for Ethiopia, but the next year dissolved that body and founded the EWF; formally
established on August 25th, 1937 in New York City as The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  

It was originally a not-for-profit membership organization, incorporated in the State of New York; with its first
branch outside of America being in Kingston, Jamaica in 1940's with various Chapters in Latin America and the
Caribbean.  Later it was also registered by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(4) organization, thus
conferring tax-exempt status on the organization and its legal subsidiary bodies.

The main purpose was set out in the following preamble:

We the Black People of the World, in order to effect Unity, Solidarity, Liberty, Freedom and self-determination,
to secure Justice and maintain the Integrity of Ethiopia, which is our divine heritage, do hereby establish and
ordain this constitution for The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.

As a direct result of the support Ethiopia received from Black people in the West, mainly at that time
African-Americans and Jamaicans, during the Italian invasion of 1935-1941, the Emperor in 1948 granted 500
acres of his private land in Shashamane to the EWF for Ethiopian people in the Diaspora who desired to return
to the motherland. About 22 families moved to Shashamane during that time, most of them Jamaican
Rastafarians, most of the land was appropriated by the Derg military government in 1975, though a small
number of Rastafarians remain to today.

In 1983 the Jamaican branch of the EWF became a political party, the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Inc
Political Party, representing the Rastafarian community there.

Are You A Member?
Christmas Broadcast to America (1937)
by Haile Selassie I

December 25, 1937

"I am very pleased to send you words of my best wishes for your happiness, progress and peace, on this blessed
day for mankind,

from the capital of Great Britain, which is renowned for its hospitality. Let peace reign in your hearts, among
your families, in the unity of your governments, and in your relations with other peoples of the world. There is
no greater day of gratitude and joy for Christians than celebrating the birthday of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. On
this day of happiness, every Christian, by meditating on [Jesus'] life and the work He accomplished for all of us,
tends to forget the trials he faces and the sadness that breaks his heart. At the same time everyone is inclined to
minimize the trials and sorrows of his own, his kindred, and friends and forgives those who have grieved him.
Since Our childhood, Our innermost thoughts have been overwhelmed by the mysterious deep spirit of the
divine infant's birth, which is not only expressive but also glorious and inscrutable. Likewise, no matter what
one's reputation, whether one's accomplishment is great or humble, tiresome or fruitless, in the journey of life,
the mystery of Bethlehem dominates our spirit.

With the birth of the Son of God, an unprecedented, an unrepeatable, and a long-anticipated phenomenon
occurred. He was born in a stable instead of a palace, in a manger instead of a crib. The hearts of the Wise men
were struck by fear and wonder due to His Majestic Humbleness. The kings prostrated themselves before Him
and worshipped Him. 'Peace be to those who have good will. This became the first message.

When He sacrificed himself at Golgotha for the atonement of our sin, He prayed with His last breath for the
forgiveness of those who had tortured Him saying, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'. Shame
on those of us who are Christians and do not follow the way of the Savior of the World, whose life was filled with
kindness, humility, and martyrdom! If we lived by the laws he gave us and were worthy of being called Christian,
peace would have reigned on this earth.

Men were supposed to be the equals of the living angels who unceasingly sang praises before the eternal God.
Had this been so, peoples of the world would not have been divided along lines of enmity.

In truth there is no legitimate reason or good cause which justifies war. Was it not this fundamental spirit which
dwelt in American statesmen and their brothers in other parts of the world that enabled them to write the new
international principles according to the laws of Our Savior. The principles were intended to avoid the
calamities of war and to bring together the big and small nations of the world as one family and settle disputes
that might arise between them through appropriate law and justice.

Well, there is not much to do about that! Although the toils of wise people may earn them respect, it is a fact of
life that the spirit of the wicked continues to cast its shadow on this world. The arrogant are seen visibly leading
their people into crime and destruction. The laws of the League of Nations are constantly violated and wars and
acts of aggression repeatedly take place, and in regard to this, your honorable president told you recently that
the principles of [the Covenent of the League of Nations], which were meant to assure the peace and safety of all
peoples, were trampled on, and the forum of peace was consequently disrupted. The respectable idea on which
[the league] was founded was made an object of mockery. The two-thousand-year-old Christian Civilization was
threatened with destruction. If this happens, there will be a return to the days of barbarism, when the mighty
could realize their aspirations at will. So that the spirit of the cursed will not gain predominance over the human
race whom Christ redeemed with his blood, all peace loving people should cooperate to stand firm in order to
preserve and promote lawfulness and peace.

War is not the only means to stop war. Men of goodwill, who fully recognize their duties, should be able, with
the assistance of all free men, to prevent war and help rehabilitate all those who were debilitated and damaged
by war, in order to protect this precious diamond, 'Peace'.

People of America! I wish you a merry Christmas. I plead with you to remember in your prayers all those weak
and endangered peoples who look to the flags of the free nations with confidence, hoping to discern the star
which will announce their peace and future security."

Kedamawi Hayl Selasse
(Haile Selassie I)
Source: Leonard Issachar ~ 2 August 2020
Death of Blatengeta Heruye In The United Kingdom - Sep. 09, 1938 (HIM ~ Selected_Speeches ~ Chapter_XVII)
Speech At The League Of Nations In 1938
Death of Blatengeta Heruye In The United Kingdom - Sep. 09, 1938 (HIM ~ Selected_Speeches ~ Chapter_XVII)
During the war, it became necessary for Emperor Haile
Selassie I to raise funds to support his family in exile
and patriots fighting valiantly back home in Ethiopia, so
he starred as himself in the movie "Wings Over
THE WORLD / New York , U.S.A.

Greetings from Ethiopia by world members of our
society. With this letter , it is with deepest gratitude we
remind our self continually that it was you and your
colleagues who had sympathy & who helped assist
Ethiopia in our time of need. Years after "Our" beloved
country Ethiopia received its due justice , after the war.
We always remember your initiative to help us and
your great compassion and motivated spirit! To help
assist Ethiopia restore our country back & repair the
damage that has been done, and give the Ethiopian
people back there way of life , of which we Ethiopians
have worked very hard to attain. Ethiopia and its people
will never forget and always keep in mind your friendly
assistance for Ethiopia.. We very much hope establish
and strengthen the relationship between our people , so
that we can be productive in future occurrences..
MESKEREM 30 1939 , Written in the 17th Reign Empire:
I received a photo copy of this Appreciation letter
written & signed by His Imperial Majesty Haile the 1st .
Ato Gladstone Robinson gave me this before he
passed:( This is thee official letter Thanking and
inviting we home .. Filed in NY City Courts:: These
letters were only distributed to the 12 repatriates who
received the land given in Shashemene Ethiopia.
Source:  FB ~ Afro Americans for Shashemene ~ 2 May 2016
With League of Nations failing to act, Emperor Haile
Selassie I returns to Ethiopian soil issuing the 'The
Golden Declaration' leading Ethiopians and allied forces
against the Italian occupation.
Stepping Back On Ethiopian Soil After 5 Years Of Exile - Jan. 22, 1940 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
"The Golden Declaration" - Liberation - Jan. 22, 1940 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
The South African Army helped liberate Ethiopia

The South Africans were as unprepared as everyone else when war came, but one of the first actions taken was
the requisition for war production of the Ford and Chevrolet plants located in the country. A survey was made of
the “Great North Road” between Pretoria and Nairobi in Kenya. The commander in chief of British forces in the
Middle East, General Sir Archibald Wavell, took a keen interest in the progress of the Union’s defense forces. By
May 1, 1940, some 20,000 South Africans were in Nairobi together with three South African Air Force (SAAF)
squadrons, and the 1st South African Brigade was soon to disembark at Mombasa. For the British, this
contribution was enormously significant; the South Africans were fully motorized, and previously only 8,500
troops had been on station to guard a frontier with the Italians that was over 1,000 miles long....

Before that, raids were to be conducted in preparation. The first was to be made by the 12th African Division
under Maj. Gen. Alfred Godwin-Austen with the 1st South African Brigade, the 24th Gold Coast Brigade, and the
1st South African Light Tank Company, against El Wak, which was held by some 2,000 colonial infantry and a
few light guns. El Wak was attacked on December 16, Dingaan’s Day as it was known to the South Africans,
anniversary of the Battle of Blood River in 1836...

With the South African engineers once more producing Herculean efforts (170 miles of road in 17 days), the
Italians abandoned Kismayu. An aerial bombardment led to the rout of the 94th Colonial Infantry, which was
rapidly followed by the retreating 12th African Division, and on February 14, the 1st South African Brigade
reached Gobwen, some six days ahead of schedule....

The 5th King’s African Rifles led the 22nd East African Brigade, which had covered 910 miles in 12 days, across
the Awash, and so earned the honor of leading the Allied entry into the city of the King of Kings on April 5. Thus
ended the southern portion of the campaign to liberate Ethiopia, following an advance of 1,700 miles in eight
weeks. To the rear, mop-up operations continued, and the 2nd and 5th South African Brigades were freed for
transport to Egypt. Their compatriots in the 1st South African Brigade still had work to do....
The Mercy Proclamation - July 1940 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
    British and Commonwealth troops, led by Emperor Haile Selassie I and greatly aided by the Ethiopian Patriots
and resistance ­ the
arbegnoch ­ defeat the Italians, and restore Emperor Haile Selassie I to his throne.
Haile Selassie I's triumphant return to Addis Ababa and sits on the throne re-establishing The Dynasty of
Emperor Haile Selassie I (previously known as Solomonic Dynasty) and God's covenant with David.
Triumphant Entry - Victory Day - May 05, 1941 (HIM ~ Selected Speeches ~ Chapter IV)
Below:  An Original Autographed Speech (in the Amharic language) of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile
Selassie I, Dated May 5, 1941. The Emperor Personally Signed and Dedicated this Speech By Inscribing it: “To
Captain Richardson”. The Emperor Delivered this Speech on the Occasion of Returning to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
after 5 years in Exile in England because Mussolini’s Fascist Italians had occupied Ethiopia from 1936 to 1941.
This is The Most Important Speech in Modern Ethiopian History. The World Would Do Well To Follow Its Key
Principles With Respect to Peace and Reconciliation/ Peacemaking.

Source: Bashir Khan ~ FB post ~ 18 Jan 2020
This is an Original Signed Copy of the Speech That The Emperor Gave Upon His Return to Addis Ababa,
Abyssinia on May 5, 1941:

Source: Bashir Khan ~ FB post ~ 18 Jan 2020

"It is good that you are here to record this picture
of me, in my palace garden at Addis Ababa. People
who see this thoughout the world, will realise
that,even in the 20th century, with faith, courage
and a just cause, David will still beat Goliath."
Haile Selassie I

Source: Ras Daniel ~ FB post ~ 3 April 2020
“No human lips can express the gratitude which I
feel to the merciful God who has enabled me to
stand in your midst on this day(May 5), of which
the angels in heaven and creatures on earth could
neither have thought of nor known about.”

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I
after entering Ethiopia

Ithiopia Liberation Day

Source: Ras Dread Selassie I ~ FB post ~ 5 May 2018
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