Angels (Seraphims)
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Symbol of divine will in several traditions, heavenly creatures in Jewish,
Christian and Islamic traditions, thought to be evolved from Semitic and
Egyptian winged deities.  Seen as human messengers, warriors, guardians or

Source:  The Original African Heritage Study Bible King James Version
General Editor: The Reverend Cain Hope Felder, Ph.D
Professor of New Testament Languages and Literature
Howard University, Washington, D.C.
The concept of angels (supernatural humans with wings) originated from the
African spiritual systems of the ancient Nile Valley.

On this day is commemorated the
glorious angel, Michael the
Archangel, for on this day God sent
him to Samson the giant and helped
him until he conquered the
Philistines. They wanted to kill him,
and God gave him power over them,
and he blotted them out and in one
day killed of them ten hundred with
the jaw bone of an ass. And when he
was thirsty, and nigh to die, Michael
the Archangel appeared unto him,
and strengthened him, and God
made water to flow out from a jaw
bone, and he drank and was saved.
And when a crowd of the Philistines
assembled, and devised a scheme
against him with his wife, and
blinded his eyes and took him into
the house of idols, the angel Michael
appeared unto him and gave him
strength and he killed them.
Judges 15 & 16

Salutation to the Archangel Michael,
the head of the host of heaven.

Enquan Le Leeq Melak Qidus Mika'el
Beal Aderasachu!!! — with
Queenofstrength Rebelstrengthrrv.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot FB post
Enquan Le Leeq Melak Qidus Mika'el Beal Aderasachu!
Happy Monthly feast of the Archangel Michael!

O Mika'el O Mika'el
Leeq Melak besemayat
Endanwedik endanimot
Fetineh teradan atsenan beimnet

O Michael, O Michael
Archangel in heaven
So that we do not fall and do not die
Help us quickly, do not forget us in faith.

Source: Tsega Tekle Haimanot ~ FB Post  06-19-2019
Enquan Le Leeq Melak Qidus Gabri'el
Happy Monthly feast of the
Archangel Gabriel!!!

O Gabriel the angel of salvation, save
me as you saved the three wise men
with your two wings when they were
put in the fire.

And the angel answering said unto
him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the
presence of God; and am sent to
speak unto thee, and to shew thee
these glad tidings.
- (Luke 1:19)

Great was the honor that was
bestowed upon Thee, O Gabriel, the
Angel of the Annunciation with the
joyful face. Thou did proclaim unto
us the birth of the Lord, who has
come to us, and Thou did announce
Him to Mary, the Spotless Virgin and
did say unto Her, "Rejoice Thou, O
thou who are full of grace, God is with

Hayal neh ante hayal
Degu Melak Gabriel
Yiwedek yeshenef telat
Ante teradan bemenet
Ante teradan bemenet

Thou art powerful, Thou art powerful
Gracious Angel Gabriel
May our enemy fall and be defeated
May you help us through faith.
May you help us through faith
As we are introduced to various  cultural experiences we have the propensity to
integrate  a portion of the culture to which we are exposed.  Cultural experiences
lead to the same beginning as the source from which it comes.
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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