Rudy Clarke
I first met Rudi a couple of years after I moved to Plainfield, NJ. in 1991.  I attended my first
school board meeting where he spoke about the things the school board needed to change to
improve the education provided to our children in Plainfield.  We exchanged greetings and
numbers.   Below is a Education Improvement Plan that he drafted and provided me a copy.  As
you review, you will see that elements of improvement are the same as they were then.
                                                 Education Improvement Plan

If we are serious about education for our children we must be prepared to weather union
opposition.  For example:

  1. Alternative certification; system-wide accountability; teacher's competency test.
  2. Solidify all community groups
  3. System-wide all day kindergarten
  4. System-wide teacher development
  5. Curriculum reform, example: language arts; test book revision; mathematics and science
    upgrade; and computer literacy beginning at grade 3 level
  6. System-wide after school programs focusing on math, science, and reading
  7. Development center for principal, administrators and staff
  8. Center for parents and community development
  9. Foundation, businesses and colleges to "adopt a school" program
  10. Junior achievement program
  11. Esoteric approach, for example, super/accelerated learning; internal/external; exercise;
    Thai-chi; yoga; and breathing exercises
  12. Master teacher development
  13. Health Programs
  14. Montessori pilot program for elementary grades
  15. Student to have the same teacher for at least three years
  16. Develop a 5-year plan to make educational technology an integral part of public school
    education, for example: electronic classroom; computer instruction; satellite
    communications; and video disks
  17. Liberal Arts education
  18. Entrepreneurship
  19. Marva Collins pilot school or class
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