Our Stars,
male and female of all nationalities and ethnic origins,
illuminating darkness with wisdom and light for all time.
Be Fruitful and Prosper!
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Rich in Heritage ~ Wealthy in Royalty ~ Priceless in Spirit
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Wonderful World Beautiful People
Jimmy Cliff

May God be with You and I at this time.   The names below represent those that had an impact
on my life.  Some I know personally; but  most, from a distance.  At some time in my life our
paths crossed and I felt honored to experience a piece of your life recorded for posterity.  It is
not meant as any disrespect to categorize names under a specific  heading; when we know that
all, and many more, have contributed across these and many more areas.  However, this is just
a small way of affirming contributions special to me... Bless!
A heavenly body, considered as influencing humankind and events.
UCI ~ I See You
Father, I humbly ask that you bless me, along with my
Brothers and Sisters and all we touch from time to time:
Brothers and Sisters who gave their life in passage;
Brothers and Sister who taught, teach, and will teach, like those before this day;
Brothers and Sisters in man-made chambers of confinement;
The Children coming in Your name, Haile Selassie I, and the many others whose names belong upon these pages…

As these words are according to Your will Almighty Father, I ask that You bless each of us as we become a breath in the
Book of Life. ~ Malchijah
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Cheik Anta Diop
Mahatma Gandhi
Rev. Al Sharpton
Frederick Douglass
Toni Morrison
Charter G. Woodson
Mihlawhdh Faristzaddi
Rudy Clarke
Booker T Washington
Molefi Kete Asante
Maulana Karenga
W.E.B. Dubois
Ivan Van Sertima
Haki Madhubuti
Chancellor Williams
Na'im Akbar
John Henrik Clarke
Jan 1, 1915 - Jul 12, 1998
Dr. Yosef Alfredo Antonio
"Dr. Ben"
Dec 31,1918 - Mar 15,2015
Joel Augustus Rogers
(J.A. Rogers)
(1883 - 1966)
George G.M. James
Henry Louis Gates, Jr
Theophile Obenga
Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze
Chimamanda Ngozi
Dr. Michelle Alexander
Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu
Dr. Alain Locke
Lois Mailou Jones
(1905 - 1998)
Langston Hughes
(1902 - 1967)
Amos Wilson
James Baldwin
(1924 - 1987)
Ray Hagins
John G. Jackson
Dick Gregory
(Oct 12, 1932 - Aug 19, 2017)
Taddesse Tamrat
Bro. Polight
Dr. Charles Finch III
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Mar 18, 1935 - Jan 02, 2016
Dr. Khalid Muhammad
Dr. Khalil Muhammad
Tony Browder
Melissa Harris-Perry
Video: #BlackFacts: Civil Rights
Activists In Hollywood &
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Ethiopian Patriots in the
Ras Ram Scram
Gregory Palmer
Michelle Obama
First Lady
Hubert F. Julian
"Black Eagle"
Terence Crutcher
Trayvon Martin
Louis Farrahkan
Sojourner Truth
Rosa Parks
Zora Hurston
Mitzi Miller
Malcolm X
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nat Turner
Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Harriet Tubman
Philando Castile
Larry Fitzgerald
Ben Ammi
Ben Jochannan
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
Medgar & Myrlie Evers
James Farmer, Jr.
James Farmer, Sr.
(? - 1961)
Mahalia Jackson
Cory Booker
Eric Garner
Erica Garner
(? - Dec. 24, 2017)
Sam Sharpe
Tyler Perry
Jordan Davis
Amadou Diallo
Oscar Grant
Shawn Bell
Michael Giles
Selena Perez
1971 - 1995
Assata Shakur
Angela Davis
Richard A. Clarke
Mar 26, 1943 - Jan 09, 1994
Monica T. Clarke
Delroy A. Clarke
Judith A. Clarke
Sandra S. Clarke
Vanessa S. Grant
Alexsandra Grant
Malcus M.R. Clarke
Jahson M.L. Clarke
Michelle Williams
Van Jones
Dorothy Irene Height
Winston McDonald
Feb 19, 1961 - May 4, 2015
Bobby Wright
John Brinkley
Learie Hackett
John Ridley
Michael Jai White
Antoinette Tuff
Sep 26, 1936 - Apr 01, 2018
Maya Angelou
Apr 4, 1928 - May 28, 2014
Ossie Davis
Ruby Dee
Morris Chestnut
Jefferson Franklin Long
Anthony Johnson
Dutty Bookman
Donald Van Blake
Dawah Yisrael
Dr. Umar Johnson
Che Guevara
Steve Biko
Rt. Honorable Dr.
Louise Bennett-Coverley
"Miss Lou"
Clarence "Ricky" Ricks
Hadiya Pendleton
Walter Rodney
Sandra Bland
Tamir Rice
Jun 25, 2002 - Nov 22, 2014
Freddie Gray
Monique Pressley
Hashan Spivey
Yvette Murrin
Gregory Peddle
Gilles Belhumuer
Crystal Reid-Hinds
Del Jones
Elaine Brown
Black Panther Party
Kwame Ture
(aka Stokely Carmichael)
Paul Bogel
Queen "Lady" Nanny
Juan de Serras
Minnie Bell Veal
James D Elder
Gill-Scott Heron
David O'Brien
Robert Cooper
John Montgomery Jr.
Beth Montgomery
Tim Alexander
Alton Sterling
Friends from
Labrador City, NFLD.
Friends from the
Nation of Islam
Jean Grant
Jason Wells
Fannie Lou Hamer
Gift Chanser
"Circus Gambia"
Leonard Percival Howell
"The Gong"
Jun 16, 1898 - Feb 25, 1981
Tsehai Haile Selassie
Friends from the
Loyal Sons of Solomon
Brethren and Sistren from
InI Rastafarian Community
Family and Friends
Bongo Watto
Mumia Abul Jamal
Michael Brown
Walter Scott
Henry Lowe
Melvin B. Tolson
Ben Crump
Stephon Clark
Sandra Martin
John Hopkins
VieGloria Hopkins
Harriet Jacobs
Linda Brown
Marielle Franco
Les Brown
Mary Prutny Joy
Albert Wilson
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Oz
Dr. Llaila O. Afrika
Rashan Abdul Hakim
(a.k.a. Ruddy Duckett)
Dr. Sebi
Dr. Eliza Ann Grier
Henrietta Lacks
Sonia Thompson-Foxe
"Sis Eldad"
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Dr. Claude Anderson
George Washington Carver
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Mary McLeod Bethune
Earvin "Magic" Johnson
Kelvin Boston
Black Wall Street
Dr. Boyce Watkins
Spiritual Life
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Ra Un Nefer Amen
Abuna Ammanuel Ascento
Abuna Petros
Abuna Theophilos
Abuna Querillios
Bongo Watto
Abba Zemikael Aregawi
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Her Imperial Majesty
Empress Menen Asfaw
(25th Megabit 1883 -  )
(April 3, 1891 - Feb 15, 1962)
His Imperial Highness
Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie
Kwame Nkrumah
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Queen Ana de Sousa
Nzinga Mbande of Ndongo
(Queen Nzinga)
Barack Obama
Emperor Menelik I
Emperor Menelik II
Emperor Yohanness
Chaka Zulu
Thurgood Marshall
Ron Brown
Queen Makeda
(Queen of Sheba)
Anwar Sadat
Eric Holder
Attorney General
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Ahma Selassie I
Mickey Leland
Her Imperial Majesty
Empress Zawditu
1876 - Apr 2, 1930
Thabo Mbeki
Patrice Lumumba
HIH Prince Zera Yacob
(Aug. 17, 1953 -)
Mansa Musa
Kofi Annan
H.I.H. King Sahle Selassie
Aklilu Habte-Wold
Aman Mikael Andom
Le'ul Ras Asfa Wossen
Ras Asserate Kassa
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Usain Bolt
Tiger Woods
Muhammad Ali
(Jan 17. 1942 - Jun 3,
Arthur Ashe
Satchel Paige
Gael Monfils
Surya Bonaly
(Figure Skating)
Milt Campbell
(Track & Field)
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Anderson "The Spider"
(Mixed Martial Arts)
Ernie Davis
Ernie Banks
Althea Gibson
Lawrence  Taylor "LT"
Barry Bonds
Cam Newton
Lewis Hamilton
(Auto Racing)
Simone Biles
Grant Fuhr
Ice Hockey Players
Elaine Thompson
(Track & Field)
Lebron James
Gabby Douglas
Sloane Stephens
Maame Biney
(Speed Skating)
Shanon Sharpe
Jesse Owens
Cheick Tiote'
Novlene Williams-Mills
(Track & Field)
O.J. Simpson
Colin Kaepernick
Hank Aaron
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
(Track & Field)
Ann Wolfe
Joe Frazier
Arts & Culture
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Paul Roberson
Michael Jr.
Sidney Poitier
Misty Copeland
Smokey Robinson
Morgan Heritage
Jackie "MOMS" Mabley
Harry Belafonte Jr.
Josh David Barrett
Eddie Murphy
Viola Davis
Robert Nesta Marley
Angelique Kidjo
Denzel Washington
Neville ‘Bunny Wailer’
Rita Marley
Davina Bennett
Whoopi Goldberg
Arsenio Hall
Garnett Silk
Apr 2, 1966 - Dec 9, 1994
Nas "NAS" Jones
Yeharerwerk Gashaw
Haile Gerima
Beyonce Knowles
Bill Cosby
Buju Banton
Nina Simone
(1933 -2003)
Don Cornelius
Tupac Shakur
"Biggie" Smalls
Duke Ellington
Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley  
Phife Dawg
(Nov 20, 1970 - Mar 22, 2016)
"Prince" Rogers Nelson
(Jun 7, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016)
James Brown
Oprah Winfrey
Nat King Cole
(Mar 17, 1919 - 1965)
Natalie Maria Cole
Feb 6, 1950 - Dec 31, 2015
Whitney Houston
(Aug 9, 1963 – Feb 11, 2012)
Michael Jackson
(Aug 29, 1958 - Jun 25, 2009)
Bongo Watto
Motimer Planno
Sep 06, 1929 - Mar 05, 2006
Third World
Ras Michael &
The Sons of Negus
"Ray Charles" Robinson
(Sep 23, 1930 - Jun 14, 2004)
Dennis Brown
Chuck Berry
(Oct 18, 1926 – Mar 18, 2017
Joseph Hill
(???? - Aug. 21, 2006)
Mosiyah Tafari
Lucky Dube
Vivica A. Fox
Rodney Price
"Bounty Killer"
Hempress Sativa
James Earl Jones
Millie Small
Bruno Mars
Jay Z
Angel Blue
Della Reese
(Jul 6, 1931 - Nov 19, 2017)
Wesley Snipes
Phylicia Rashad
India Arie
Ice Cube
Aretha Franklin
Judy Mowatt
Lauryn Hill
Eartha Kitt
Chadwick Boseman
Morgan Freeman
Nipsey Hussle
(Aug 15, 1985 - Mar 31, 2019)
India Arie
Octavia Butler
Augustus Pablo
Queen Ifrica
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Great Black Heroes
Black Entrepreneurs and Inventors
Blacks in European Art
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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