Health improvement is our 'Gold'
Green Gold Gardens evaluates our customer's needs in an effort
to develop and implement a comprehensive garden plan that is
productive, healthy, and fun.
"Green" Gold Gardens is a full-service
agricultural business specializing in
ORGANIC vegetable, berries, and herb
raised-box gardens.
Journey to Health!
organic gardening

Provide our customers
with organic vegetable,
berries, and/or herb
gardens that satisfy their
health needs and desires

Promote products that
are environment-friendly
We Start It
"You Grow It...You Reap It... You Eat It!"
"Green" Gold Gardens
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"Good health being one of
man's priceless possessions."
Nov. 1, 1962 - Haile Selassie I
"We build and help you manage your garden from seed to fruit."
"We believe in growing our own foods, herbs, and medicines."
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