Green Gold Gardens is a family-owned organic gardening business
started in 2010 to improve and manage our family's short and
long-term health outlook.

A couple of years ago my mother-in-law, wife and I toyed around with
the idea of starting a garden in our back yard, which we did and was a
good start for beginners like us.  However, the following year we built
a more "formal" garden which produced vegetables beyond our

In addition to being productive, my wife and I found our garden to be
fun and educational for us, our children,  our parents, and our friends.

This year we decided to take our family 'treasure' to another level and
share our joy with others.  Although it was educational doing
"trial-and-error" gardening, we believe that we can provide our
customers with a more "fruitful" and prosperous start.

Since we have been vegetarians for several years, it was natural for us
to pursue organic gardening as a healthier option.

As you will see throughout our website and materials, we strongly
believe that  good health is the key to a long and fulfilling life and no
amount of money can replace "good" health.

As we move forward, we plan to add customer comments, press
releases, educational and informative articles about residential
About Us and Our Business
Our Mission

Initiate and engage through Organic gardening in a
mutual journey with our customers for improving the
physical health of our families that will prevent and
eliminate dis-eases allowing for a more fulfilling
physical, mental and spiritual life experience.
Be Fruitful and Prosper!
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