His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
Quotes of Wisdom
When We laid the foundation for the progress and development of the country, the fact that
we granted the Constitution was in order to strengthen unity so that our country will be
built around the idea of one Emperor and one Government in which everyone will be
conscious of his duty based upon the principle of one for all and all for one.  We have chosen
education as Our primary concern because we believe that it is the instrument by which
Our aims could be brought to fruition. ...

Through education one can keep himself healthy; one can acquire the knowledge of many
other things; but without health, education and growth of a population are unattainable. ...
... We recommend that you work diligently, for treatment and cure alone is not enough for a
country; prevention is also necessary. ...

... Unless the people benefit through work Our efforts and thoughts will have been in vain.  
They will have also violated the wish of the Almighty that by one's toil he must earn his
living.  Much cannot be accomplished in the pursuit of spiritual advancement, let alone that
of material gains, without labour.  Learn!  Work!  We have established community
education so that both the youth and the adult may learn.  Education and the quest for
knowledge stop only at the grave.....
Haile Selassie the First - May 18, 1959
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