Chapter XII
Transportation & Communication
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Opens Postal Head Office
It is about thirty years since postal services have been established in Ethiopia and we are
assembled here today only to see the change of the Head Office.  We all heartily share the good
words spoken by our Minister of Posts recalling the works of the great Emperor Menelik II and
thanking the founders and leaders of postal works in Our country.

It is evident that Our country can also achieve what other developed countries achieved by
expanding and developing its communications with the modern world.

The work so far achieved through the establishment of postal communications with other
countries and governments has indeed been of great advantage to Our country.  Although Ethiopia
has been a member of the International Telecommunications Union, this by itself could not bring
an overnight change of advanced and well-organized postal administration. Many problems and
obstacles have to be encountered and those to whom we entrusted the work have worked hard
and with great devotion and have overcome them successfully.

And on this happy occasion of Our inauguration of this new postal office, Her Majesty and I
personally congratulate the Minister, top officials and all those post office employeees who made
its accomplishment possible through their hard and time-consuming efforts.

As we have entrusted you with the task before, we again hope that you will continue to do your job
efficiently.  When we thank the post office for what it has done so far, it is with the assurance that
we will continue to help and assist in all its future activities.

On behalf of Her Majesty and Myself, we also thank the honorable representatives of foreign
governments, ladies and dignitaries for their presence at the inauguration ceremony of this new
post office.
Haile Selassie the First - 1927