Dayla Properties is the family business initiated by our father, Richard A. Clarke, the patriarch
of our family.   Although he left Jamaica for many years, his desire was always to return to
Jamaica and build a foundation for us, his children, the next generation, as he could never
understand why Jamaicans owned so very little of our own country.

He returned back to Jamaica and purchased a small farm that is feeding many families in the area
for virtually free for over 21 years since his ascension in 1994.  As a result of his actions, our Dad
fulfilled the tenets of Rastafarians; the hungry fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the
aged protected, and the infants cared for.

My first memorable experience with Rastafarians was in 1978; my first landing on Jamaican
soil.  I found Rastafarians to be a valuable source of knowledge and wisdom which was affirmed
in 1994 when I returned to Jamaica to celebrate my father's sunrise to a higher place.

As a Rastafarian, it is my desire to fulfill the legacy of my father and manifest the Rastafarian
tenets for the generations to come.
Our Motto

Healthy living through agriculture!
God, Grow, Give!!!
DAYLA Properties Cooperative
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