Coronavirus and its Insidious Connection to 5G creating COVID-19

Last Updated: 24 Nov 2020 (added Copyright statement)                                                              Updated: 10 Oct 2020

Brethren and Sisten…

Since no one has been able to come up with a coherent reason for the onset of COVID-19, I’m going to give it a ‘college’ try at why I think COVID-19 is the insidious product of Coronavirus and 5G.

The following is my own personal analysis (reasoning) based on my own observations, research, and God-given intelligence.  So please use it as you deem fit and seek professional advice when you deem necessary.

I feel that time is running quickly and we do not have time to waste in getting our brothers and sisters around the globe, or ourselves, educated on actions we can take to protect ourselves and treat ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let me address the various conspiracy theories in general, like this pandemic being a hoax, but specifically, 5G versus Coronavirus (COVID-19). It must be stated that 2 things can co-exist at the same time and be totally unrelated.  It is also possible that 2 seemly unrelated items exist simultaneously and be inter-related.  It is my contention that 5G is inter-related to the Coronavirus pandemic.  First, Coronavirus is not new; however, the specific mutation of the Coronavirus called COVID-19, causes minor to fatal responses when it infects a human host.  Last, whether started naturally jumping from species to species, or from being intentionally manipulated in a lab, the Coronavirus is a real virus and needs to be respected and treated like a deadly virus.

It is my belief that 5G weakens our immune system over time by weakening the cell structure in humans; and based on some anecdotal data, in animals and vegetation as well.  However, more importantly, I believe 5G actually accelerates the ‘activation’ (i.e., replication) of the Coronavirus leading to the sudden onset of the COVID-19 disease; and for some unknown reasons, probably due to overwhelming viral load, produces “Cytokine storm” response in some people.  Weakening our immune system puts human beings at higher risk of contracting the Coronavirus, and subsequent ‘activation’ by 5G EMF and other radiation sources, incites the COVID-19 disease often causing severe pneumonia, related complications, and/or other system failures (e.g. Endocrine System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, etc.), in many cases leading to the need for intensive critical care and in a high percentage of those cases, death!

Due to the high-water content of our cell structure and electrical conductivity, human cells are sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) (e.g., 5G) and can be mutated/weakened when encountering harmful high-frequency EMFs called radiation.  Research is still underway and no definitive conclusion on the human impacts caused by various EMFs producing ‘ionized’ (e.g., Ultra-violet light, Sunlight) versus so-called ‘non-ionized’ (e.g., 5G) radiation.  Prevailing thought at this time is that only ‘ionized’ radiation damages human cell structure; however, I would caution people that we do not have long-term studies on ‘non-ionized’ radiation, like 5G, that is constantly active in, and recently, within very close proximity to places where we live, work, and play, our communities.

Once the Coronavirus is contracted by a host, it can be transmitted asymptomatically (i.e., inactivated) from person to person.  The Coronavirus and the subsequent COVID-19 disease is more prevalent in areas of ‘active’ 5G EMFs and is presenting itself more slowly in areas with little to no 5G infrastructure.  The Coronavirus and the subsequent COVID-19 disease is more prominent amongst specific demographic groups because of population density, concentration of the 5G infrastructure, and proliferation of functioning digital devices, including autonomous vehicles that are heavily integrated with 5G digital technology.

5g-map-Global-Launches-MMM-DD-2019-Retrieved-2020-05-21-0001 COVID-19-Cases-Johns-Hopkins-Mar-20-2020-Retrieved-2020-05-21-0001 Présentation PowerPoint COVID-19-map-Global-Internet-Infrastructure-Retrieved-2020-05-19-0001COVID-19-map-Huawei-5G-Retrieved-2020-05-21-0001COVID-19-map-GSMA-Intelligence-5G-Retrieved-2020-05-21-0001

It is well known that as we get older, in most cases, our cell structures are not as resilient as they were when we were younger, which is why this particular disease preys more heavily on older people, especially those with comorbidities (i.e., underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, hyper-tension, etc.),.  However, younger people with comorbidities, also face higher incidences of severe illness, lengthy recovery, and fatal outcomes.  However, COVID-19 disease is not exclusive to those with identified co-morbidities, so we must all do everything to protect ourselves by staying as healthy (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) as possible until we have eradicated this disease.

Following is a brief article associating the Coronavirus with low-income and minority communities.   As stated above, 5G infrastructure is primarily located in ‘urban’ centers which also consists of a concentration of low-income and minority communities; therefore, it is totally consistent that these low-income and minority communities would disproportionately be impacted by the COVID-19 disease.

Coronavirus hits poor, minority communities harder
Preliminary data show that communities of color and low-income communities are especially vulnerable to COVID-19. African Americans make up a significant portion of the coronavirus cases and deaths. Pre-existing disparities — substandard housing, underlying health conditions, lack of health insurance and access to care — contribute to the virus’s unequal toll. Read more from Axios here.[1]

Source: Tom Steyer e-mail (04/14/2020)

There are many articles describing 5G and its purpose and potential dangers.[2] They generally indicate that 5G:

  1. enables connection of millions of devices with minimum latency,
  2. is more powerful than previous iterations of radio wave technology (e.g., 4G, 3G, etc.),
  3. due to its design constraint, requires a ‘dense’ topology (i.e., confined proximity from transmitter to receiver),
  4. presents increased dangers to living organisms in close proximity to cell transmitters/receivers, especially the ‘base’ towers, which concentrate (i.e., receives and transmits) wireless EMF signals and transfers them to fiber optic/wired connection to physical network nodes for access to the internet.

I think it must be noted that certain places, like beaches, although often very crowded, are located at a distance from shore points where the 5G signal will be dissipating as it radiates towards the open ocean.  In addition, many, if not most people, are not constantly on their digital devices, which means there is less EMF activity and density, which is proportionally pronounced as number of active devices increases or decreases within the vicinity of transmission and receiver cells.

Some people claim the Coronavirus is a hoax because there is not a large visible number of graves and burials related to COVID-19.  However, I believe that due to increased mortuary capacities and more efficient processing of end of life conditions, we do not see the same visuals as we would have seen in the past. Due to ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, many burials were not allowing large gatherings thereby reducing the visual scale and scope of the number of people being laid to rest, especially during ‘lockdowns’ (i.e., shelter in place) orders, that are still being enforced, in many places, at the time of this writing.   In addition, many people in the ‘modern’ era opt for cremation which again has reduced the prominent visuals we would have been exposed to in the past.

I say the above, so we do not disregard the people who are claiming that it is 5G that is killing people or people that say that it is COVID-19 that is killing people.  Both items are working in conjunction and causing preventable human destruction.  We must address both, the spread of the virus and the subsequent 5G activation, if we want to eradicate COVID-19 going forward.  In the interim, we must continue to engage the appropriate protocols (e.g., shelter-in-place, physical distancing, protective facial masks, etc.) that will prevent contraction and transmission of the Coronavirus.   Conclusion:  We must perform our due diligence and take significant preventive precautions when venturing into the public domain, especially for non-essential reasons.   An important objective is not to contract the Coronavirus.  However, in many instances that will not be possible or even known, so we must also do everything we can to shield ourselves from exposure to 5G signals.   Our primary objective is to stop and eliminate 5G and all high-frequency EMFs which triggers the replication of the Coronavirus.  Unfortunately, once the virus has been transmitted from host to host, it can mutate with characteristics that evade current therapeutics or vaccines under development.   Our hope is that any mutation is benign and not more virulent.

For those who may feel like they have been exposed or showing symptoms because of Coronavirus (i.e., COVID-19), please use the “Clarke Coronavirus Cocktail” (CCC) regiment. It is not professional medical advice, so if you deem it necessary, please seek professional medical advice.  If you have problems breathing or have an Oximeter reading of < 95%, then seek professional medical intervention immediately.

While recovering, please get plenty of hydration. I would strongly suggest Coconut water, as it provides great hydration properties while simultaneously providing additional amounts of potassium and other vital minerals that help strengthen the human infrastructure.

I continue to repeat the following! The amount of education, wealth, and/or Tell-Lie-Vision time (i.e., celebrity), a person has attained, is not a gauge of intelligence. The world is littered with ignorant billionaires, millionaires, so-called leaders and media personalities, with very little natural intelligence (i.e., common sense).  I am not saying that educated, wealthy, and/or popular people are not smart, but it is not assured.  Many ‘exploiters’ are performing intellectual gymnastics trying to benefit from the scope and scale of the Coronavirus pandemic by lecturing  to  ‘essential’ workers about the need to risk our lives on the front line to make them, the privileged, feel safe and comfortable.

Cures:  My personal opinion, not scientific, is that our bodies will need to go through a series of exposures to the virus to develop complete natural immunity. However, as we experience subsequent exposures, we will have to continue to mitigate the effects on our body by continuously employing all or parts of the
‘Clarke Coronavirus Cocktail’ to allow our body sufficient time to develop antibodies associated with the various ‘strains’ (mutations) of the virus.

Vaccines:  Since it appears that a vaccine is going to be prematurely developed, it is highly recommended that we refuse the vaccine for as long as we are able, until it has proven its safety and efficacy through proper clinical trials and even then, if not needed, don’t take it unless absolutely necessary.  Please note this
is my personal belief and each person will have to make this decision for themselves.

We don’t have time to waste! Please share the following link with African Brothers and Sisters, and anyone else around the world, especially those who may not have access to modern healthcare.

The page has a language button at the top left-hand side of the page, so that it is readable in many different languages.

10/10/2020 Update:

The implementation of  5G was planned to be completed in 2020 and definitely expected to be much further along than it currently is.  The following article confirms that the US military expected to have 5G deployed by the end of summer of 2020 and yet they are putting out RFI in October 2020 to determine when 5G will be fully deployed: 



11/10/2020 Update:

The Coronavirus has started to ravish the United States due to the incompetence of the Trump Administration and the psycophant who recklessly followed Trump’s lead.  I have 2 warnings:

  1. As of today, 5G was supposed to be implemented during 2020 and well established by the end of 2020 which has been severely slowed due to it’s insidious connection to COVID-19.  Therefore, there is a real push to re-establish the marketing of 5G and complementary technology that further propagates 5G as noted in the add below:


2)  My second concern is the expedited march towards a vaccine at any cost.  Recently, Pfizer announced a new vaccine based on RNA bio-technology.  The vaccine is being touted as a breakthrough, but it has yet to be stringently tested in scale and duration.  The amount of volunteer recipients noted around 45K and testing volunteers for a year or less  does instill confidence that the vaccine is safe and effective.  It may be, but ads like the one below paying volunteers up to $1220.00 is a token, for putting their life on the line for an unproven vaccine.  However, $1220.00 will appear like a lot of money for the less fortunate and under privilege leading them like a hog into the slaughter house for little and almost nothing compared to the $$ BILLIONS $$ of dollars these pharmaceutical companies are in line to make once these vaccines receive, in my opinion, superficial expedited approval.  Following is the note that is displayed when the ad is selected:

* In a research study, the participants may receive investigational study product or may receive an inactive substance, or placebo, depending on the study design. Participants receive study-related care from a doctor/research team for the duration of the study. For studies that offer compensation, reasonable payments will be made for participation. The length of the study may vary.


Please note that the above is compilation of Coronavirus information, that I believe will be useful for those who have limited access to relevant resources.

JAH Bless,


[1] (

[2] 5G Network: How It Works, and Is It Dangerous? By Tim Childers July 17, 2019

Copyright 2020 The Umoja Connection, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without express consent from the author/publisher.

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Breast Feeding – Updated

Breasts are made for feeding the most precious creation of Mother-God, Her children; so why should a innocent hungry infant wait to be fed because someone is annoyed to see a mother breastfeeding?!  It is only in recent history that women cover their breasts.  As a matter of fact, there are still some places around the world where women bare their breasts (i.e., breasts exposed) as part of their culture.

Breastfeeding in public probably annoys those that don’t understand the value of breast-feeding.  People annoyed with public displays of breastfeeding, remind of the times of slavery when, due their own arrogance, would have sent their babies to African slaves for feeding to prevent the shame of breastfeeding or to preserve their unsuckled breasts.  Breasts are part of the female anatomy that has only recently considered offensive by changes in ‘societal’ norms.  Yes, social norms have changed, but who’s social norms; yours or ours? Let’s not get it twisted, the primary purpose of female breasts is to feed her infants when they are hungry, period!  Yes, breast-feeding can be done in private to satisfy those offended by the site of this natural occurrence, but if you don’t want to see a woman breastfeeding, look away, the same way I do when I see 2 men intimately kissing each other.

Above response to the following:’s-message-for-2-women-who.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_12

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“Bitcoins” as a Future Currency

I feel the need to provide a brief real-time personal analysis on “Bitcoins” as a future currency, also referred to as a crypto-currency. Let’s start with the reason for any currency. It is supposed to provide a means of compensation for an exchange of products and services. In ancient times, our exchange was in the form of bartering. Depending on what was deficient in one area and plentiful in another area, the people would exchange based on their respective needs. For example, if one peoples could grow food, but had no materials for building homes and another had materials for building, but little capacity for growing food, then the peoples would exchange their respective products and/or services (i.e., labor or building materials in exchange for food; or food in exchange for tools, etc.). This type of exchanged took place for many years as we became ‘hunter and gathers” as we migrated from familiar home bases to explore other parts of our continent and the world. As we populated other parts of the globe and found other raw materials, such as spices and incense, etc., we continued to barter.

When ‘foreigners’, such as Europeans, entered the scene, there was a problem; because some areas, such as the cold and undeveloped Caucus mountain regions had little to no valuable assets or resources that could be exchanged for the valuable commodities from our resource rich areas we indigenous Africans had populated for millennia; so the Europeans came up with alternative means of ‘tricking’ us into thinking that they had something of value in exchanged for our precious metals minerals and resources. This was shown in the movie Shaka Zulu, in which Europeans took hair dye and ‘tricked’ Shaka Zulu into thinking that he was being made younger by changing gray hair back to black hair, reminding him of his younger days. However, this exchange had no intrinsic value to the survival of our people.

It also became a problem in future years to come up with enough of these superficial goods (e.g., dyes, alcohol, etc.) to exchange in sufficient quantities to satisfy the greed of the Europeans. The Europeans came up with the means of manipulating our precious metals and forming them into coins that they would exchange back to us for our precious resources and minerals, such as gold, silver, copper, and diamonds; to name a few of those being extracted from Africa today. However, this became problematic for a several reasons: one of which is that giving back precious metals was again becoming more expensive; as it was taking larger and larger quantities of these physical coins for exchanges. The weight and value of these coins was becoming increasingly prohibitive for trading to support the increasing volume of resources and greed of the Europeans.

Therefore, it was necessary for Europeans to create a currency of their own that they could use to exploit the ignorance of the indigenous Africans who had the real valuable resources. It became easier to create a paper currency, with stipulated denominations, representing an artificial value that would be used for the purpose of exchanging for valuable minerals and resources. The creators of the currency determined the value of the minerals and resources and therefore able to dictate the exchange of goods and services on their terms. There was a time when the currency being used for exchange were actual human beings. This was a big part of the Transatlantic Slave trade when the commodity being exchanged by Europeans were our African brothers and sisters.

Eventually, with the abolishment of slavery and the quantity of paper currency needed for exchange of goods and services around the world has become cost prohibitive and extremely expensive to the greedy and the planet. The amount of interest being generated by the hoards of paper/cash currency is causing extreme deforestation around the globe and not able to keep up with the pace of extreme accumulated personal wealth of a very small percentage (i.e., < 1%) of the 7B+ people on the earth. This extreme imbalance of wealth and the greed for more wealth has caused a significant negative impact on our atmosphere due to the reduction of valuable vegetation that is needed for Carbon Dioxide (C02) to Oxygen (O2) exchange provided by forests; leading to an acceleration of extreme climate change impacts and catastrophic natural events that have become more frequent in recent years.

Therefore, it has become necessary to develop another means of exchange that does not require a physical material like wood to create paper currency, but still has a pre-determined value that can be used to exchange for something of real intrinsic value, hence the onset of crypto-currency, also known as “Bitcoins”; which is taking a non-physical asset, identifying it as a currency with artificial denomination values and using it to exchange for goods and services that have real material and intrinsic values. This will be the ultimate method of taking digital assets of no intrinsic value whatsoever and using to exchange for resources that have real intrinsic value.

In other words, people who have or live on land that have minerals, precious metals, food, water, etc. will now be lured into selling those actual assets/resources in exchange for a digital currency that cannot be used in any form or fashion to sustain the basic foundation of human survival: water, food, and shelter.

Currently, the continent that has the most valuable resources and potential for exploitation of those resources is Africa. You can see some of the exploitation taking place as groups of people from different regions of the world (e.g., China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United States, etc.) attempt to prepare for the oncoming onslaught by ‘raping’ Africa, especially Ethiopia, that has some of the most precious land and water resources on the planet. Take heed brothers and sister regarding these so-called ‘crypto-currencies’, do not sell-off and sell-out precious resources (i.e., water, land, food, etc.) for these digital, non-intrinsic, non-valuable crypto-currencies.  This is ideal for hedge-fund managers who have billions of dollars to ‘play’ with; however this is an extremely risky endeavor for people who have limited discretionary income.

Recently, I took a brief look at the ascent of Bitcoin value since 04/2015 and based on the following, I would say that the overwhelming majority of the public is already priced out of this useless commodity!, but even if they weren’t, I would suggest there are more tangible assets (i.e., land/food), that have intrinsic value. (table as of 11/12/2017):

Cost/Share Invest/Mo # of Shares
4/9/2015  $             235.00  $   1,000.00 4.26
1/4/2016  $             448.00  $   1,000.00 2.23
1/1/2017  $             907.00  $   1,000.00 1.10
2/5/2017  $          1,000.00  $   1,000.00 1.00
3/5/2017  $          1,228.00  $   1,000.00 0.81
4/16/2017  $          1,241.00  $   1,000.00 0.81
5/7/2017  $          1,745.00  $   1,000.00 0.57
6/4/2017  $          2,994.00  $   1,000.00 0.33
7/2/2017  $          2,506.00  $   1,000.00 0.40
8/6/2017  $          4,065.00  $   1,000.00 0.25
9/3/2017  $          4,255.00  $   1,000.00 0.24
10/1/2017  $          4,608.00  $   1,000.00 0.22
11/5/2017  $          5,882.00  $   1,000.00 0.17
11/12/2017  $          7,874.00  $   1,000.00 0.13
 $  $ 14,000.00 12.51

That is my analysis and opinion. Bless!

Please review the following link and go to the section:
** Tragic Cost of “Progress and Development”! ** and click on the link. The video is lengthy, but invaluable)

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Republicans “Bait and Switch” on Healthcare

I haven’t recently commented on our current political administration primarily because Trump won a MINORITY of the popular vote in the past Presidential election which means, Republicans (House, Senate, and President) do not represent the MAJORITY of the people in this country, including me. The ‘republicans’ are attempting a “bait and switch” on American citizens, but JAH is watching!

Republicans need to take money out of current healthcare system to subsidize the tax reductions that will primarily go to the wealthy and well-off!

“We’ve come upon an idea” (Lindsay Graham said today) regarding Healthcare…. Let me make sure I understand: The current healthcare has been in place for more than 7 years and has saved many more lives than can be clearly quantified; and I can vouch for that from personal experience. Yet, Republicans have “come upon an idea” that is intended to impact 1/6 of the entire economy, and “Republicans” want to pass within the next 2 weeks. Let’s be real… Who really thinks that a plan developed with very little thought can possibly be a good idea for implementation without vetting it properly?

Here is my idea. Why don’t those recommending state-run healthcare idea rescind their own government-run healthcare they currently receive and get their Healthcare from their state in which they reside. In addition, they should pledge not to purchase any additional private healthcare and see what they say!

They have no problem sending healthcare dollars to states that are already struggling to meet their own state obligations.

Don’t let them keep spinning us in a revolving door going nowhere. Let’s fix the current healthcare and bring costs down through prevention and base changes on healthcare outcomes, not on “We’ve come upon an idea”.

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Intellectually Dishonest Presidential Historians

The Charlie Rose show, immediately following President Barack Obama’s final SOTU speech last night on 01/12/16, continues to highlight the hypocrisy of the entire American system.  When you have four (4) white Presidential historians, with inherent and tangible bias, attempting to cloud the historical accomplishments of one of the greatest, and in my opinion the greatest president that this country has ever elected, is eye opening.  I concede that I’m not a historian and definitely not a Presidential historian; however, based on my limited knowledge of the history of America, it is clear that institutional racism has permeated all facets of this country, including the Presidential historians.  Although the long-term impacts of President Obama’s policies will not be fully realized, in some cases, for several decades, it is intellectually dishonest to taint his accomplishments, to a televised audience of millions, without fairly stating the impact of implicit and explicit racism on his current and future rating as President of the United States.

Let’s just start with the fact that all previous presidents, recognized in American History books, were white with primarily white members of Congress.   Although the previous presidents for various reasons may have faced intransient congresses along the way, it is my position that none of them faced an intransigent Congress with both the Congress and public constituents tinged with racist demeanor.  This racist demeanor may not always be recognized by those unable to fit in the shoes of those being assessed, but is salient for those sitting in the same skin.

Suffice it to say that the panel of Presidential historians were making claims of President Lincoln being the saviour of the Union and President FDR being the saviour of Western civilization; totally discounting the fact that in both of those cases, Black people were instrumental in supporting the cause for which the president was garnering support.  In the case of Lincoln, it was the uprising of Black slaves that forced the pacifying actions to ’emancipate’ slaves to keep the states from becoming unhinged by slaves disobedience.

In the case of FDR, he had no intention of entering the war with Germany and Italy until it became evident that Europe had fallen and that further gains in Europe by the Germans and potential sweep of Africa by the Italians could have doomed any chance of American being isolated from the Hitler’s ‘Blitz’.  This position does not account for the fact that Germany’s progress was stumped and positions weakened after His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, led a contingent of British and Ethiopian troops that defeated Mussolini to reclaim the throne on May 5, 1941, exactly 5 years after unheeded warnings to the League of Nations resulted in the  eventual occupation of Ethiopia by Italy.  It was this inflection point in WWII that turned the tide of the war in both Africa and Europe as Germany’s primary ally, Italy, had been defeated by Ethiopia.  This resulted in Germany opening another front to protect its position, thereby allowing an opening for the United States to exploit; although not with great precision or competence, but enough with Russian help to crush Hitler and put the foot of freedom on the heads of Fascism and Nazism.

I say all the above because all people who claim to know history, should insure that their analysis is not biased by their own strain of racism, especially when they are responsible for the long-term view of history that had already been diabolically changed to remove any accomplishments of Black/African people.


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US – IRAN Nuclear Agreement

Ironic that I wrote the statements below on 07/14/2015, as we are now on the cusp of removing the sanctions from Iran as part of their complete compliance with the initial nuclear agreement.  However, with the international issue of American navy personnel getting detained by Iran for unintentionally trespassing into Iran territory yesterday (01/12/16), has highlighted the delusional perspective of the Republican right wing party, on how to deal with international conflicts.  Many of them automatically claimed that United States should be ‘punching’ Iran in the face and by not taking immediate forceful action, somehow shows how weak President Obama is regarding Iran; yet with calm demeanor and thoughtful negotiations, the detained military soldiers were released today (01/13/16) without physical confrontation.   Following is how I described the domestic and global actions at the signing of the Iran agreement that was never suppose to be fulfilled according to those who show by their actions that they are truly the ‘weak’.  Following are my statements written on 07/14/15:

Congratulations to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and the entire negotiating team from the various countries and entities (e.g., Iran, EU, IAEA, etc.,) that worked diligently to secure a historic agreement that reduces proliferation of Nuclear weapons to improve stability and peace in East Africa (i.e., Middle East).

We are disappointed with the negative and divisive comments; especially before the details of the agreement are made available to the public for evaluation. We would prefer constructive criticism to determine how best to mutually improve the adherence to the agreement by all stakeholders in the weeks, months, and years ahead as details of the agreement are made available.

We are concerned about the various comments, past and present, made by members of the Israeli government who continue to make divisive statements about President Obama and his administration that are anti-Semitic and borders on being down right ‘racist’.  Defense Minister (IDM), Moshe Yaalon, made the following statement on January 14, 2014, in reference to the Palestinian-Israeli US-lead peace negotiations, “American Secretary of State John Kerry, who turned up here determined and acting out of misplaced obsession and messianic fervor, cannot teach me anything about the conflict with the Palestinians,” required an apology, no doubt referencing John Kerry ‘acting out’ based on the direction provided by President Obama.  However, that does not seem to have deterred the Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, from making inflammatory comments today (07/14/15) regarding President Obama’s administration, saying, “this day will be remembered as a black day in the history of the free world.” appearing to make direct derogatory reference about the US leader of the ‘free world’, President Obama.  By describing the day as being ‘black’ when it is widely known that using the term/color ‘black’ has an infamous part of slavery to demean African people all over the globe by making ‘black’ denote some thing bad or negative about being dark skinned indigenous person of African heritage.   In this case, we may be reading more into his statement than consciously intended, but make no mistake, it is the subliminal use of the word ‘black’ in reference to negotiations initiated and sanctioned by President Obama, the first ‘Black’ President of the United States that makes this use so facetious and insidious!


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African Union ~ 4th Congress of African Economists (CAE)

I hope this finds you in good health and spirit. The 4th Congress of African Economists (CAE), is scheduled to be held from November 16-18, 2015 in Accra, Ghana.

I’m not an economist; however, I submitted a paper with my thoughts on the subject of economic development in Africa, but it was not one of the papers selected for presentation at the conference. My paper’s content was not based on formal technical economic theory, formulas, or statistics, but on my personal observations and research.

I continue to re-iterate the points of focus I believe are important for my brothers and sisters in African and took the time to repeat them again in my response below which was my reply to the AU thanking them for the consideration of assessing my submission. My reply was as follows:


Thank you for your reply and I appreciate you taking the time to address my submission. Unfortunately, I’m unable to participate in-person as self-sponsored due to financial constraints, but very much look forward to the rigorous debates/discussions on the future direction of our African Union and the outputs from the CAE conference.

I’m sure it is obvious to all those participating, in this conference in particular, that the immediate crisis of poverty across our continent and around the globe is at epidemic proportions and this will continue to put pressure on our precious resources like people, land, food, and water as the looming climate change effects continue to occur around the world, including Africa. We must do everything in our power to move our people and continent into a model of “Cooperative Enterprises” where communities own and are able to sustain their own water, land, food, and shelter by and for each community member. The measure is not by how much money is owned or can be made or how much credit (debt) can be accumulated at the mercy of foreign imperialistic and capitalistic people and financial institutions, but on how well the community takes care of its people; such as, sufficient and clean: water, food, shelter, education, and healthcare. These are the challenges for the African Union among the others such as collective National Security and “rooting out” and eradicating corruption from all levels of institutions and governments meant to serve the community and peoples at-large.

It is imperative that our precious resources, across the entire continent, are African owned and operated. African owned does not mean allowing a foreign entity, corporation, or national to control our resources for capitalistic gains; however, it does mean that at least 90% of any institution should be owned entirely by an indigenous African entity, preferably the government; so that our precious resources are never accessible for sale or long-term leasing arrangements.

First, as I eluded to in my paper submitted, the African Union must first rightfully recognize ‘The Founding Father’ of the African Union as His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and visibly display his name and likeness at the front of the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he belongs.

Second, we must continue to reject the ‘rush’ for industrialization at the expense of profits over our people and property! We cannot become a “consumer” and “service” nation for the rest of the world that some would attempt to deceive us into becoming. We must own and manage our land and natural resources for the benefit of our indigenous African brothers and sisters. For each country that is part of the African Union — all existing contracts for importing and exporting agriculture or mineral resources needs to be rescinded and re-negotiated to be targeted and temporary. “Targeted” means that each contract must have stipulations that in addition to the underlying objective to make money/profit, the institutions must first direct contributions for the development of low-income housing communities and infrastructure development (schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, waste management plants, etc.), not high-rise “pressure cooker” confinements that breed ignorance and violence. We have already seen how that does not work in other parts of the world. “Temporary” means 10 years or less.

Lastly, the task of the African Union is significant, large, and a complex undertaking. As a matter of fact it is the largest ever in taking a diversified continent and peoples that have been brutally beaten, battered and killed for hundreds and thousands of years; and to build an enduring civilization; is an epic undertaking. However, I feel confident that with foundation from current leadership of the African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana C Dlamini Zuma, future leadership of the young and talented Africans, and the Pillar of the founder His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, we will produce the African Union Civilization rivaled by none!

May God continue to bless each and all of us for our tireless efforts in forging the African Union we need and want!

Thank you for your efforts and contributions!

Servant of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I

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“Out of Many, One People!!!”

I greet you in the divine name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Jamaicans should inspire a national movement to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, cloth the naked, protect the elderly, and care for the infants.

Building low-income homes provides the industrialization for the population. All the existing skilled workers can be the journeyman and mentors for the young men and women apprentices willing to work in those fields.

Education will spawn excellence from womb to grave. Growing food is the foundation of any civilization; if we cannot feed ourselves then we are at the mercy of those that provide us our food. Clothing is necessary, but if taken too far becomes materialistic. We need to have the proper attire for the professions in which we are engaged.  Above that, we are contributing to the exploitation of the precious resources of our planet.

Protection of the elderly means protection of us all. Laws are instituted to prevent chaos. When laws are indiscriminately broken, there is no security for anyone, therefore it is incumbent upon all law abiding and law enforcing persons to up hold the law where we live and work, not according to our personal standards, but to the standards written in our constitution. This means, no more “under the table deals” because transactions need to be transparent so that all stakeholders feel that fairness is at hand. Let’s stop the destructive cycle of secrecy that pits one against the other because one thinks another has gotten a better deal. If all sides understand how we progress and grow together it will be more beneficial and safer for us all.

Population is only a problem if we fail to plan. The aforementioned statements are not a plan, but a framework that Rastafarian people have been putting forth for almost 100 years now. Do for self! Educate, liberate, repatriate, and restorate our Constitutional Monarchy in Ethiopia. We can only help others when we are able to help ourselves. Unfettered reliance on outside assistance is major impediment.

Jamaica has one of the most ambitious people in the world. We defeated the Spanish, we defeated the British, and we can surely defeat the Capitalistic ideology of “kill or be killed”. Our youths are smarter than that and with their active participation; we can all live in peace and love. This is not an illusion, it is a reality exemplified by our glorious heritage of past civilizations and will be a reality again.

Criminals or transgressors let their own personal drive for power corrupt their thinking and those around them. Corruption occurs as a result of inaccurate foundation for advancing our thinking and our actions. If we don’t know our history we cannot advance forward to our rightful place as servants in and to the Kingdom of God.

I suggest that everyone, especially Africans on the continent and in the diaspora, start by reading the autobiography of Haile Selassie I and learn about our Emperor.  It must be required reading within every elementary, secondary, high-school, and university in the world as His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I leads the world with the example and instruction set forth in his utterances and writings.

Whatever we set out to do, we do to the best of our capabilities; especially leading in a manner that is conducive to producing a civilization! It is now high time that our vision, “Out of Many One People”, manifest itself.

A historical event for Jamaica and the world was completed as “The Church of Haile Selassie I (Incorporation and Vesting) Act, 2013” (No. 30-2013), was passed by the House of Parliament on October 25, 2013 and signed into law on November 28, 2013, giving The Church of Haile Selassie I legal status in Jamaica.
Acento Foxe’s long-standing leadership, spiritually, as Abuna of The Church of Haile Selassie I; and politically, as President of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation, represented by the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Political Party (I.E.W.F.P.P.), is now established as a legal entity to provide spiritual awakening and political enlightenment, respectively. According to the words of Haile Selassie I, “As Ethiopia’s faith reposes in God; she knows that God’s judgement will prevail over that of man. …the people are unceasingly bringing their prayers before God, that He should be their leader and that He should grant a fruitful result to the exertions which all those in government are making to preserve peace.”

I look forward to the meeting of our minds…

Jah Guide and Protect!

I am Malchijah.

Revised: 04/04/2015

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How Many More?

How many more studies do we need to cite; to know that food, shelter, and water are the fundamental ‘pillars’ of human existence in conjunction with comprehensive education that is accurate, complete, and timely, to understand how we cultivate, develop, and most effectively and efficiently exploit our natural resources for the benefit of humankind with the least amount of negative impacts on people, natural resources, and the earth’s atmosphere?


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Truth does not have 2 sides!

It has become very evident that many of the people hosting and programming the news are biased based on their own ideological and financial interest. Obviously there needs to be more transparency about the financial worth of the news broadcasters, program directors, anchors, hosts, and guests; who are operating within institutions that have the ability to control significant viewpoints.

The people bringing us the news have become so intellectually dishonest and insignificant that they have become a victim of their own self aggrandizement and pontification, as an intellectual you choose. Based on my humble observation, it is my opinion that the overwhelming majority of people currently value entertainment over news, ratings over issues, fads over facts, and ignorance over knowledge. Then they feed their brand of ‘news’ to the same people that don’t have time to investigate what is in their best interest. The news should be the facts, not the fads.

The facts on health care, employment, education, environment, are critical to be communicated and disseminated in a straight-forward and fact-based manner:

There was a time when the anchor of a news broadcast was a trusted source of information, but now, most news sources are more concerned about entertainment than disseminating facts and knowledge. It is more critical now, than ever before, to publish accurate and complete information to correct the exploitation unleashed on our Brethren and Sistren all over the globe for hundreds of years and still going on today.

May God help us in this endeavor,


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