Minnie Bell Veal
Words on the plaque...

Minnie B. Veal
Community Center

"Go To The Top.  Don't Stop", are the words of the late Mrs. Minnie Bell Veal, to whom we
celebrate, commemorate, and dedicate this newly erected recreational facility.  For over forty
years, this lady of vision labored very diligently to instill in the youth of North Edison (formerly
known as Potter's Crossing) a sense of pride, strength, dignity, and determination.

She was the founder of the former Potter's Crossing Community Center, which established itself
as the headquarters for all social, recreational, civic, and cultural activities within the North
Edison community.

As a member of the North Edison Civic Improvement Club, the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, and
Coordinator of Recreation for the North Edison Playground and Community Center, she was
able to gradually develop a very impressive and comprehensive program of recreation and
education for poor blacks.

As a religious leader, she occupied the position of Superintendent of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church Sunday School, she held this position for twenty-three years. She was also
Vice-President of the church's Willing Workers Club and Flower Guild.  She served as Hostess
and Assistant Teacher of the Good News Club, a weekly bible ministry for children under the
auspices of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Although she never had children of her own, she worked very closely with officials from the
Edison Public School System.

It is our hope that Mrs. Veal's Spirit and Love live on in this center through all the Edison
children that enter these doors.
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