participation or ownership.

Definitions from the New International Webster’s Student Dictionary
Our Philosophy on Community...
Community starts with family!
Strategic communications to our youth, adults, and elders
at home, school, work, and worship centers using internet and social
Education, Community, Health, Economics, Spiritual Life, and  
Government, are the foundational underpinnings "Pillars" of
Civilization; and when fortified,  evolve for the betterment of

Education, from birth through life is free and accessible to as many
minds with the desire and dedication to learn.  
becomes more connected as "each one teaches one".  
produced through education, nutritious foods, and exercise, is
vibrant; mentally, physically, and spiritually.  
Economics exploits
natural resources for optimum human development while
protecting the body, man and earth, from man-made contaminants
caused by synthetic productions.  
Spiritual Life enables each of us
to connect to the universe in our own way.  
Government is "We"
the "Will" of the people.

Lets start with the basic priorities:

  • Clean Air, Clean Water, and Clean Food
    Note:  The average human being can survive minutes
    without oxygen, 3 days without water and 7 days without
  • Responsible Shelter
  • Planned Infrastructure
  • Agriculture (Regional with access to sufficient long-
    term water source for irrigation)
  • Communication (Targeted Communications)
  • Energy ("Green" energy)
  • Education (Free for life and Learn by Doing)
  • Health (Optimum, Maintain, Sustain)
  • Resources (Identify, Extract, Distribute)
  • *Technology (Facilitate infrastructure integration
    and connection to appropriate resources)
  • Transportation (Rail, Road, Water, and Air)

*Technology is the means by which work is streamlined.  
However, technology should not always be viewed as the
panacea for work productivity.  In some cases it may be more
advantageous to reduce/eliminate technology in lieu of
manual labor.  It may not be the most cost-effective method in
the short-term, but over the long-term may prove to be the
most productive.
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
Developing an environment for
our children and teachers that is
conducive to learning and
Strengthening our foundation by
re-vitalizing our family and
Developing a program that will
provide education, prevention,
and curative measures against
dis-eases impacting our
Gaining financial independence
through investment in people,
information, and property.
Spiritual Life
Developing an environment that
teaches basic to complex spiritual
Advocating representatives that
support the priorities of the