Milton (Milt) Gray Campbell
December 9, 1933 - November 2, 2012
I've been living at 148 Carlisle Terrace, Plainfield, NJ., since 1991 and in that time never
realized that I lived only 1 block away from the 'famous' and some people would say,
"infamous" Milt Campbell Field, (Overhead view from the air in the middle  picture below)
because it was not understood by me, until recently, that it was named after one of, if not the
best athlete, in the world.  

As I now know, Mr. Campbell was born here in Plainfield in 1933 and through his hard work
dedication, perseverance, and positive attitude, he achieved what he wanted; to be the best.  
Undoubtedly, an exceptional human being with an "I will do it!" spirit.  Over the past 3 days
since I discovered this gem, I realized how fortunate I was to snap the article pictured on the
right hand side above. (click on the picture and enlarge to read the text)

There are few people who have accomplished so much, at such a high-level, during their
lifetime.  Highly decorated, accomplished, and recognized over several distinct disciplines, such
as during his high-school and college years as an all-American in track and field, and
swimming; 1952 Olympic "Silver" medalist in Helsinki, Finland, and in 1956 Olympic Decathlon
"Gold" medalist in Melbourne, Australia; along with proven Olympic and 'professional' level
capabilities in swimming and track and field, and football, respectively.  Mr. Campbell went
quietly about his life inspiring others on our journey with the same "I will do it!" attitude,
including achieving highest level in Judo along with becoming an inspiration speaker on his
journey that we are so grateful to have as a role-model for all people, especially Black people.  I
don't recall reading or hearing that Mr. Campbell ever used racial disparities other than a
'learning experience' encountered on his journey of life.

As the first African-American, Black American, to win an Olympic Gold medal in the Decathlon,
making Milt Campbell the 'greatest athlete' of the games and beyond.  Looking forward the
legacy left by Mr. Campbell will continue to live on in the history books and hearts of the very
people he inspired!

Michael Clarke (12/09/2014) (Just realized this is Milt's 81st earthday anniversary.  JAH guide
and protect always...)

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