Aklilu Habte-Wold (1961–1974) Tsehafe Tezaz (ጸሐፌ ትእዛዝ, Literally "Scribe by Command") --
Minister of the Pen. This was the most powerful post at the Imperial court. According to John
Spencer, he was "the one who traditionally walked two steps behind Emperor Haile Selassie to
listen to and write down all orders that the latter gave out in the course of an audience or an
inspection tour." Spencer adds that under Haile Selassie the Tsehafe Tezaz safeguarded the
Great Seal, kept the records of all important appointments, and was responsible for publishing
all laws and treaties; "his signature, rather than that of the Emperor, appeared on those
[official] publications although the heading in each case referred to His Imperial Majesty." The
office was combined with that of Prime Minister during the tenure of Aklilu Habte-Wold

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